Quotes about having white teeth

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quotes about having white teeth

White Teeth Quotes by Zadie Smith

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Published 08.12.2018

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I love a girl with a gap between her teeth, versus perfect white veneers. Perfection is just . I don't want to have broken Cheetos in my teeth. To protect myself.

All about teeth whitening

It really is OK, you just have to sit in the feeling and deal with it. I never feel that certain in the first place, so this kind of succession of mistakes is just what I call my novels. If religion is a tight band, a throbbing vein, and a needle, tradition is a far homelier concoction: poppy seeds ground into tea; a sweet cocoa drink laced with cocaine; the kind of thing your grandmother might have made. He was too fucked up to know how to love me. Now, how did that happen? What was it about this unlovable century that convinced us that we were, despite everything, eminently lovable as a people, as a species? What made us think that anyone who fails to love us is damaged, lacking, malfunctioning in some way?

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  1. quotes from White Teeth: 'Every moment happens twice: inside and outside, words like unicorn and soul and infinity that have now passed into language.

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