Japan is all about the respect

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japan is all about the respect

With Respect to the Japanese by John C. Condon

While Japan has been on center stage of the world economy for decades, interactions between the Japanese and Westerners continue to be on the rise. Daily communication in both business and social settings is commonplace, and connections through the Internet and mobile media make what felt distant only a few years ago seem familiar. Our cultures and social norms remain vastly different, however, and professionals working in Japan are likely to confront new challenges every day. For example, what are the three biggest challenges for Westerners who go to work in Japan? How can you tell when “yes” might mean “no”? When you are the guest in a taxi, who should sit where? In the fully updated second edition of With Respect to the Japanese, readers discover not only answers to basic etiquette questions, but also how to communicate successfully with the Japanese and, in the process, earn mutual respect. John C. Condon and Tomoko Masumoto use real-life examples (from kindergarten classrooms to the boardroom) to explain the contrast between these two distinct cultures. In this essential guide to Japanese culture, you will learn how vital societal characteristics affect communication, decision making, management styles and many other aspects of work and everyday relationships.
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Photos That Prove Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country

No Hatespeech of ANY kind. This includes a wide variety of things. Basically, don 't be a dick. make sure to hit report on any violations you see.
John C. Condon


The number of people aged or older in Japan has exceeded 70, for the first time after marking an increase for the 49th consecutive year in the aging society whose birth rate remains low, government data showed Friday. Women centenarians vastly outnumber the men, accounting for The number of females who will have reached years of age by Sunday totals 62,, up 1, from last year. The number of such men is 8,, an increase of Kane Tanaka, a year-old resident of the city of Fukuoka, is the oldest Japanese.

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We, Japan Football Association and J-League are strongly aware of the social role played by football and sports, and recognizing the importance of respect in football, since we are leading "the Respect Project". We think that the essence of respect is to play doing always the best and we catch it as the basis of fair play. We decided to consider it in relationship with team mates, opponents, referees, coaches, goods, facilities, parents, tournament officials, supporters, competition rules, the spirit of football and all the things surrounding football, and to "treasure" it. Respect is a value of which Japan is pride of and it is a value recognized all over the world. It is important to play in Japanese style.

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