The movie about jackie robinson

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the movie about jackie robinson

42: The Jackie Robinson Story: The Movie Novel by Aaron Rosenberg

I think this was a good book but it didnt fit my personal interest. It had a good story line and used details that made me feel like i was actually at the game listening to all the hate and hurtful comments that were thrown at Jackie. my favorite character was Jackie Robinson because he was a fighter and blocked out all of the hate, he also was an amazing baseball player and didnt care that he was African American, he just wanted the play the sport and change the way people think and judge about his race. my favorite part about the book was when there was another coach on the apposing team that kept giving Jackie hate, every time he got up to bat the coach would start shouting out rude and hurtful things toward Jackie, until one time after he bats and strikes out Jackie breaks, he runs into the locker room and starts crying his coach walks in and tells him to be strong and block it out. Jackie waited till next time he was up to bat to show what hes really got, the coach comes back out screaming and yelling, going crazy, he blocks out the coach and hits a home run. this book had some very sad scenes such as when he starts crying because he gets named called and picked on by people and even by some off his teammates. this story gripped my attention because i wanted to see how Jackie would continue to impress and overcome obstacles. I recomend this book to anyone who likes a heroic and fighter type novel
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Hate Breeds Hate - Extended Cut of "Maybe Tomorrow We'll All Wear 42"

42 is a American biographical sports film written and directed by Brian Helgeland about the racial integration of American professional baseball by player Jackie Robinson, who wore jersey.
Aaron Rosenberg

The Jackie Robinson Story

Green who had directed The Jolson Story , "one of the biggest hits of the 40s" [3] and starring Jackie Robinson as himself. The film focuses on Robinson's struggle with the abuse of bigots as he becomes the first African-American Major League Baseball player of the modern era. The film is among the list of films in the public domain in the United States. The film begins with Robinson as a boy. He is given a worn-out baseball glove by a stranger impressed by his fielding skills. As a young man, he becomes a multi-sport star at UCLA , but as he nears graduation, he worries about his future.

They require precisely what Robinson had: athletic ability, intelligence, and character. The earlier film is about a man; the new one is about a baseball player. There, his frustrations at the lack of professional opportunities for black athletes, together with his sense of the pointlessness of a college degree his older brother was a college graduate who was unable to find any job but streetsweeper , led him to drop out shortly before graduation. His courtship of Rachel Isum played, very movingly, by Ruby Dee plays into his drive to earn his living speedily—and is implicated dramatically, potentially impeded by his recruitment to integrate the major leagues. The director, Green, films the action more simply and more analytically, looking at the field in proportions and at angles that call attention to the entire game setting, and that concentrate more on watching than on showing.

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