The truth about weight loss

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the truth about weight loss

The Truth About Weight Loss: Blowing the Whistle on the Corrupt Industry that Massively Profits from the Overweight, Even from Kids by Dr. Steve Czys

Why is there so much conflicting advice when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss?

Because if you are confused and looking for answers people can sell you their products! If you ask the right questions and get the right answers there is no way youd pay for all the crazy weight loss gimmicks out there. The Weight Loss Industry does not want you to have these answers!

This book will show you the right questions to ask and give you the correct answers to those questions. Dr Czys takes the very confusing topic of nutrition and makes it simple for you to understand and apply. You will come away full of confidence knowing exactly what to do.

Most importantly – every weight loss plan out there is missing the most important very first step that you must do for long term success. Dr Czys takes you through the process that will keep you from ever falling off the wagon again.

Dr Czys also gives you his “One Step From Me Coming And Cooking For You) fat burning meal plan. If you are over 12 and can read you’ll be able to follow this plan! Dr Czys has worked with 1,000’s of patients that on average lose over 20 pounds (for good) in just 6 weeks.

And that’s just the start! The best part! You’re whole family will benefit from what you learn in this entertaining book.

Countless parents are seeing huge benefits in their children because of the simple and enjoyable eating shifts in the home. Who this book is NOT for….. Anyone looking for a special shake, pill, wrap, powder, or piece of magic workout equipment promising weight loss. You won’t find any of that here. If you’re ready to “Learn to Fish” and have the clarity you need to make the right choices for you and your family this book is for you.
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Dr. Oz on Weight Loss

9 Hard Truths About Weight Loss That Can Help You Slim Down

The calorie is a measurement of energy. All calories have the same energy content. Different foods go through different metabolic pathways and can have vastly different effects on hunger and the hormones that regulate your body weight. Replacing carbs and fat with protein can boost your metabolism and reduce appetite and cravings, all while optimizing the function of some weight-regulating hormones 1 , 2 , 3. Also, calories from whole foods like fruit tend to be much more filling than calories from refined foods, such as candy. This is not a cause for concern.

There are legit reasons why you have a hard time shedding those extra pounds, but if you know the facts about losing weight, you can overcome these obstacles and reach your goals. Forget the gimmicks, and face the facts about weight loss. Weight loss decreases the hormone leptin, which signals to your brain that you're full, and increases the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates hunger, Australian researchers found. This hormone imbalance continues long after you succeed at weight loss, making it even harder for you to keep the pounds off, according to the study. Plus, if you cut too many calories too quickly, your metabolism will slow, says Sabrena Jo , director of science and research content for the American Council on Exercise in San Diego. Muscle is really the engine of metabolism, so that contributes to a lower metabolism," she explains.

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A very good friend of mine has lost 50 pounds. Cardiovascular exercise improves memory and cognitive skills. What's more, he's kept up his exercise routine -- and kept the weight off. According to research , the people around you make it really tough. According to researchers, the last comment is particularly prevalent. Take Randy. She picks him up when he's struggling.

We suspect most dieters have realized this by now too. And yet, here they are again, setting the same weight loss goal this year that they set last year. Take Nicky, for instance. Nevertheless, Nicky has it wrong. We are researchers who have been studying why diets fail for a long time. We have seen that diet failure is the norm. From a scientific perspective, we understand that dieting sets up an unfair fight.

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  2. You know losing weight and keeping it off is a battle. Here's the truth about why it's so challenging, plus what you can do when your body works.

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