Good things about living forever

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good things about living forever

Live Forever Quotes (18 quotes)

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Published 08.12.2018

Ellen Shares the Secret to Living Forever

Living Forever Is Not a Good Idea

If you lived for an infinite amount of time, anything that can happen to you will, by definition, happen to you. That means you will die. So the concept of immortality is a paradox in an of itself. Secondly, you will also suffer infinite pain. Pain is worse than happiness is good.

The research is happening, and it's something the science is moving toward. Where did we get the idea that the longer life is, the less meaningful it becomes? Why do some people seem so adamant that continuing on—and foregoing the all-too-fast downward trudge of mental and physical degradation we currently deem acceptable—is such a bad thing? Are middle-aged people today twiddling their thumbs, wishing they could speed through the next few decades and get them over with? Do those pushing feel like they've been dealt a bad hand?

Immortality is no picnic: living to see all your childhood friends and great grandchildren die, having to drift from place to place or be chased out of town as a witch, and have to crawl across the Sahara for three weeks without food or water with a broken leg because you can't die. But hey! You're alive! And you know what? Life is awesome! Want to learn to speak Swahili and six other languages? You have the time!

I was thinking I'd put reasons for deciding to live forever into a list, so here intuition more, which can lead to all sorts of REALLY EXCITING things. 4. life that you're going to die must surely not be very good for your health.
state of things as they are

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Anyone who's passed the age of 35 knows that we're not built to last. Many of us will slog it out to 76 years, the expected lifetime for American males -- females get two thousand extra days -- but even when young, our bodies barely work, and that marginal situation only worsens as the decades drone on. It's worth noting that a lifetime of four-score and seven is a new problem for our species. If you lived in Egypt two hundred generations ago, perhaps with a gratifying job as stone chiseler in Giza, you wouldn't worry much about career burnout. You'd be dead by age forty. The up-side was that the Pharaoh didn't have problems with social security. Life expectancy took a big jump during the Victorian era, when civil engineers fitted out cities with sewers and water pipes.

Pick your favorite age. You are healthy, career thriving, family intact at least pretend! Would you like to live forever at that age, in that health, with those friends and family members also living forever with you? Immortality, on earth? How about an extra fifty or one hundred years or two hundred beyond your present life expectancy? Would an immortal human life be incredibly boring or is a good human life so good it's worth living to eternity?

Because you are more likely to find solutions for health and relationship issues. Partly because you would not want to put up with them forever, but more because your outlook is more likely to bring you into contact with people and ideas that can really help. So you can watch children grow up and watch adults grow up more. And so they can follow your example and decide to live forever too, and you can all be together always. So you will know you have plenty of time to travel the world or become a great singer or whatever your dreams are , thus eliminating panic or depression over time running out for doing what you want to do.

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