Short stories about the sun

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short stories about the sun

The Sun Book of Short Stories by Jane Moore

To celebrate the launch of Quick Reads in 2006, The Sun ran a short story competition called Get Britain Reading in order to find the hidden talent among its ten million readers.It was judged by Sun columnist and bestselling author Jane Moore.The Sun Book of Short Stories contains a selection of the winning entries.They may make you smile, laugh or cry - but all of them are sure to entertain you.
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Short Animated Story - The Sun and The Wind (English)

Playing with the Sun

My room faces the sun in the morning and on clear summer mornings it wakes me bright and fresh, no matter what time I stayed up till; I'll get up and make breakfast, watch TV, have a shower. If it's before six in the morning I usually have a cup of tea and go back to bed where I'll doze until seven and wake with a thick head. If I stay at my sister's I sleep until the kids wake me or until she comes rolling in, poured from the back of some taxi, whichever is earlier. I'm an early riser, and a dead sleeper. This morning I wake up with a twitch, like the alarm clock in my head has given me a little electric jolt; it isn't sunny outside, I pull back the curtains and the sky is dark grey, the same colour as the sea and it looks like the sun won't appear before tomorrow.

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There was a time when the sun and the moon were the best of friends. Together they shone their bright light illuminating the nine planets that roamed the solar system. One of the planets that were inherently grateful for their light was the third planet from the sun, earth. That was because this spherical rock that roamed restlessly in space supported life, and this life could not be sustained without the light that shone from these two heavenly bodies. The sun and the moon divided the duty of illuminating the earth equally between them. The sun shone for twelve hours and the moon shone for the remaining twelve. There were times when the sun and the moon could be seen together in the sky and it was a beautiful spectacle.

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The sun looked to him like the greatest thing in the world. But the sun was always out of reach. Once there was a squid who fell in love with the sun. So as a result, all the other squid made fun of him. They called him Gimpy and Stupid and Lame. So, after a while, the squid gave up and started hanging out by himself. And the other squids laughed, but the squid kept on trying.

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