Things that don t exist anymore

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things that don t exist anymore

Exist Quotes (162 quotes)

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Published 08.12.2018

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7 Things You Really Don’t See Anymore But Definitely Remember Using

Tasks and tools that once seemed routine now seem hopelessly out of date, and in only a few short years. Example: Who would post an ad on the personals page of a local newspaper? Sounds so Victorian! Here are some of those rituals that are no longer necessary in high-tech households. Pop quiz: How many phone numbers do you know by heart? How times have changed. Once upon a time, we felt perfectly comfortable flipping through the Yellow Pages and randomly calling a plumbing company to fix our pipes.

These are still pretty plentiful in older cars but are rapidly being phased out. There are only a handful of car manufacturers that even offer the option anymore. The stick shift has stopped many a car jacking as kids and criminals are too stupid or lazy to learn! This was always a favorite prank for every Dad to make the kids think he was magical. Whoa the lights got brighter!

McDonald's Playplace

The last century saw the birth of iconic inventions and innovations like radios, televisions, computers, iPhones, and the Slinky. For sources, Stacker scoured timelines, news articles, and trusted websites. See how many things on this list trigger childhood memories—and which ones were here and gone so fast you missed them entirely.

Remember when you had to push a button four times just to get the character you wanted in a text? Or all those times you had to sit by the radio for hours just to record the one song you wanted? While I'm sure many of you work very hard to repress painful memories of your childhood, sometimes remembering has its benefits. For one, it definitely fosters appreciation for the beautiful, convenient things — touchscreen keyboards and Spotify — we now have to enjoy. They're also a ton of fun to laugh at. Imagine how much commitment it must have taken for someone to stand idly by a radio for hours just to add one song to a mixtape that anyone born into this century could have made in under five minutes. Ridiculous, right?

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  1. Dec 4, Despite valiant efforts to remain relevant, even the most iconic brands can fall. Here are 8 things you loved as a kid that don't exist anymore. Times have changed, but iconic products from innovative brands will live on in the memories of those who grew to love them in childhood.

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