Facts don t have feelings

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facts don t have feelings

Quote by Ben Shapiro: “Facts dont care about your feelings.”

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Published 08.12.2018

The Best of Ben Shapiro

I love the phrase “facts have no feelings.” And, it's important to distinguish that phase from a different quote which I don't like and is in a.

What Ben Shapiro Gets Wrong: Feelings Don’t Care About Facts

This is why its so imperative for libertarians to always lead with moral appeals when attempting to persuade others of the illegitimacy of the state. Haidt opens his book with the story of a family who sees their pet dog get killed by a car after it ran loose into the street. After a brief mourning, the family gathers up their deceased pet, brings it inside, and decides to cook it and eat it. Haidt challenges the reader with this question: did the family do anything morally wrong? Assuming the meat was properly prepared, it posed no health threat upon consumption, and because it was already dead, the dog faced no additional suffering. When posing this question in social experiments, Haidt notes, the near universal response is that the family was wrong to do what they did. But when asked to explain why, subjects struggle to come up with an answer.

The authors do not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and have disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. Can science make sense of anti-science and post-truthism? Scientists have developed many theories to describe how people process and think about information. For example, one popular theory suggests that if we just communicate more accurate information to people, their behavior will change accordingly. Another suggests that people will reject evidence if it threatens their deeply held cultural worldviews and associated feelings. Many of these models contribute valuable insights and can help us design better communication, but each on its own is incomplete.

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Facts don't care about your feelings” is about politics, not religion. But atheists don't believe they have a purpose in existing and are therefore.
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He goes from campus to television to his website and spreads it into the world, causing a sort of existential pain and despair in those who listen, who are affected by what he says. Either that, or a calcifying, a hardening, of the heart. Of the soul. This is the favorite line of famed conservative blogger and commentator Ben Shapiro. So the folks who come in with their hard facts and stony eyes and unyielding to PC-ness are often treated as heroes, on both the left and the right.

After all, Shapiro frequently repeats this simple mantra:. Dems: This is just like Nazi Germany! Dems: Nazi! What if — hear me out here — not every policy with which you disagree is morally equivalent to the policies of the worst mass murderers in history? No political mass movement led by young people has ever resulted in good.

When Ben Shapiro first popularized the phrase , he did so in the context of a college culture gone mad. He was pushing back against the rise of safe spaces, trigger warnings, and microaggressions emerging across college campuses. But what happens when things get more complex? When questions get more complex, feelings tend to shape how we navigate an unclear topic. Let me give you an example topic that encapsulates the complexities of science: What is the role of racial bias in police shootings? A conservative friend might start with the fact that black citizens disproportionately commit crime at higher rates than white citizens.

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