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sci fi movies about the future

Films from the Future: The Technology and Morality of Sci-Fi Movies by Andrew Maynard

Films from the Future begins with the premise that science-fiction cinema has something important to say about the relationship between science and society. That underneath all the whizbang special effects, the psuedo-scientific technobabble, and two-dimensional characters, thinking about these stories can help us grapple with the impacts of real technologies, under a rubric of responsible innovation or risk innovation.

To do this, Maynard has assembled a unique set of case studies. Some of the films are enduring futuristic blockbusters like Jurassic Park and Minority Report. Intellectual heavy hitters are represented by Ex Machina and Ghost In The Shell. The are truly obscure choices, like the 1951 Alec Guinness comedy The Man In The White Suit, and schlock like Inferno and Transcendence.

At its best, the writing dances between the film in question, recent scientific developments which might make the film real, and Maynards personal experience. He writes with real passion about his early career in the mechanics of atmospheric dust (more interesting than it sounds), about growing up in England and falling in love with The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy radio play, and his current globe-hopping life as an technology ethicist and futurist. The problem is that all too frequently, Maynard makes a rhetorical leap that the reader has difficulty following. Theres a choppiness to a lot of the chapters that leave the book feeling stitched together, rather than a cohesive whole.

More seriously, the advantage of narrative futurism and stories like these is that it allows us to examine a given issue from multiple perspectives. The validity of multiple viewpoints, including non-expert viewpoints, is at the root of the last four decades of science and technology studies scholarship, and responsible innovation as a policy argument. I wish Id seen more of that multiplicity, because all too often the argument retreats to a stance that the protagonists of the films were arrogant and should have consulted more stakeholders. The story of the overweening scientist being punished for his unnatural pursuit of power is one of the oldest in science-fiction (see Faust and Frankenstein), and I hoped to see a more interesting take on that basic narrative in at least one of these essays. Instead, we have replaced God with public engagement workshops and faceless regulatory committees.

And two notes. If you have a choice, get the ebook version. The typography in my paper copy is notably cramped. And second, in the interest of disclosure, Andrew is a friend, I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and I had some minor comments on one chapter.
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Of the 50 highest grossing movies of all time, over 40 could be described as science fiction or fantasy — and most of those have earned over a billion dollars at the box office.
Andrew Maynard

The movie tackled issues of depression and control in a visually striking and unpredictable way, which solidified Garland as one of the premier sci-fi directors. This movie is set in a dystopian future, where most people would rather live in a video game than face the real world. At times, the movie feels a little tone-deaf, but there is no question it that looks incredible. The movie proved the genre can be captivating, even with a limited amount of dialogue. By the end of the year, we were left smiling, with a long list of quality sci-fi movies that could appeal to a variety of viewers.

We love sci-fi here at TechRadar and what we find most exciting is the future tech imagined in sci-fi books, movies and TV shows often serves as inspiration for real world tech later down the line. Sci-fi is a huge genre and the definition is likely to be different depending on who you speak to. Our list is filled with robots, future technology and plenty of space-based disasters. But do remember all of these streaming services change their catalogues regularly. So prepare your festive leftovers and strap into your spacesuits. So far so normal, right? The difference is that in this future your memory and consciousness is stored in a device called a cortical stack that lives in your neck.

The Playlist Staff. As kids, we looked ahead to the imminent 21st century and thought of a big bold, sci-fi future. Many so-called sci-fi blockbusters were really action movies with some fantastical trappings, rather than thoughtful, provocative examinations of the world we live in through speculation about worlds we might live in. Take a look below and let us know your favorites in the comments. The dialogue can be really on the nose, while the ending some see as jumping the shark. None of us will make too strong of a case against any of those points.

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This is a list of films with settings beyond the year they were released or made, even if that setting is now in the past, and films with a futuristic setting despite of unspecified unspec. It also includes films that are only partially set in the future. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries.

Skip navigation! Story from Movies. If a visitor from the year traveled years into the future, our world would look like something out of a science-fiction film. People attached to small screens they keep in their pockets. Planes soaring across continents.

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  1. We love sci-fi here at TechRadar and what we find most exciting is the future tech imagined in sci-fi books, movies and TV shows often serves.

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