Nelson mandela end of apartheid speech

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nelson mandela end of apartheid speech

Selected Speeches And Writings Of Nelson Mandela: The End Of Apartheid In South Africa by Nelson Mandela

For 30 years, the African National Congress, led by Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela, was the core of opposition to the white supremacist apartheid regime in South Africa. After organizing strikes and founding the armed military wing of the ANC, Mandela spent 27 years in jail before emerging as a worldwide symbol of human freedom. In 1994, Mandela became President of South Africa, in the first free election in that nations history. This anthology is a collection of Mandelas speeches and writings, from his statement to the South African court that sentenced him to life in prison, to his acceptance of the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize, to his speeches as South Africas first elected Black President. Preface gives brief biography.
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Ronald Reagan calls for release of Nelson Mandela, end of apartheid in '86

The Voice of Mandela

Our march to freedom is irreversible. We must not allow fear to stand in our way. Those who are voteless cannot be expected to continue paying taxes to a government which is not responsible to them. People who live in poverty and starvation cannot be expected to pay exorbitant house rents to the government and local authorities. We furnish the sinews of agriculture and industry. We produce the work of the gold mines, the diamonds and the coal, of the farms and industry, in return for miserable wages. Why should we continue enriching those who steal the products of our sweat and blood?

Speaking Out For Justice

Portions of the speech were delivered in Xhosa, one of the major languages spoken by black South Africans. Africa it is ours!, The speech is so titled because it ends with the words "it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die".

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela 18 July — 5 December was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary , politician , and philanthropist , who served as President of South Africa from to He was the country's first black chief executive, and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election. His government focused on dismantling the legacy of apartheid through tackling institutionalised racism and fostering racial reconciliation. He was the co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize with F. Speech at a rally in Cuba marking the 32nd anniversary of the Cuban Revolution 26 July Disputed [ edit ] We consider ourselves to be comrades in arms to the Palestinian Arabs in their struggle for the liberation of Palestine. There is not a single citizen in South Africa who is not ready to stand by his Palestinian brothers in their legitimate fight against the Zionist racists.



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  1. A display at the Cape Town Honours Nelson Mandela exhibition at the Cape , he gave the defining speech of the anti-Apartheid movement, from a permit and for inciting people to go on strike at the end of May

  2. Nelson Mandela , who led South Africa from apartheid to democracy, was a humble, eloquent and inspirational figure who advocated peace, democracy and human rights.

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