Gerald ford age at death

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gerald ford age at death

Gerald R. Ford (The American Presidents, #38) by Douglas Brinkley

The accidental president whose innate decency and steady hand restored the presidency after its greatest crisis

When Gerald R. Ford entered the White House in August 1974, he inherited a presidency tarnished by the Watergate scandal, the economy was in a recession, the Vietnam War was drawing to a close, and he had taken office without having been elected. Most observers gave him little chance of success, especially after he pardoned Richard Nixon just a month into his presidency, an action that outraged many Americans, but which Ford thought was necessary to move the nation forward.
Many people today think of Ford as a man who stumbled a lot--clumsy on his feet and in politics--but acclaimed historian Douglas Brinkley shows him to be a man of independent thought and conscience, who never allowed party loyalty to prevail over his sense of right and wrong. As a young congressman, he stood up to the isolationists in the Republican leadership, promoting a vigorous role for America in the world. Later, as House minority leader and as president, he challenged the right wing of his party, refusing to bend to their vision of confrontation with the Communist world. And after the fall of Saigon, Ford also overruled his advisers by allowing Vietnamese refugees to enter the United States, arguing that to do so was the humane thing to do.
Brinkley draws on exclusive interviews with Ford and on previously unpublished documents (including a remarkable correspondence between Ford and Nixon stretching over four decades), fashioning a masterful reassessment of Gerald R. Fords presidency and his underappreciated legacy to the nation.
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The Presidency: President Gerald Ford

For a discussion of the history and nature of the presidency, see presidency of the United States of America. While Gerald Ford was still an infant, his parents were divorced, and his mother moved to Grand Rapids , Michigan, where she married Gerald R.
Douglas Brinkley

Gerald Ford Fast Facts

Ford, the 38th president of the United States. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. United States President Gerald Ford and wife Betty Ford sitting in the back seat of a car smiling and holding hands in Personal: Birth date: July 14, Birth name: Leslie Lynch King Jr. Father: Leslie Lynch King Sr.

Gerald R. Ford became President of the United States on August 9, , under extraordinary circumstances. Owing to the Watergate scandal, Ford's predecessor, Richard Nixon, had resigned under the threat of congressional impeachment. Ford assumed leadership of a nation whose domestic economy and international prestige—both seemingly sound in the decades after World War II—had deteriorated considerably. Just as important, Watergate, as well as the debacle of the Vietnam War, had profoundly shaken the American public's confidence in its leaders. Gerald Ford stepped into the breach opened up by these converging dynamics and achieved mixed results in addressing the twin problems of economic and geopolitical decline. Professor Greene is the Paul J.

His life was filled with love of God, his family and his country.
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Quick Facts

A longtime Republican congressman from Michigan, Ford had been appointed vice president less than a year earlier by President Nixon. He is credited with helping to restore public confidence in government after the disillusionment of the Watergate era. Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr. His name at birth was Leslie Lynch King Jr. She then married Gerald R. Ford, a successful paint salesman who adopted her young son. Ford recalled in his memoirs that he learned about his biological father at the age of 12 and only met the man a couple of times.

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