Rosa parks not giving in

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rosa parks not giving in

Rosa Parks Quotes (Author of Rosa Parks)

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Published 10.12.2018

From "The Rosa Parks Story: "Arrested"

Tuesday marks 60 years since Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama.

The Truth About Rosa Parks And Why It Matters To Your Diversity Initiative

Parks was arrested on December 1, , after she refused to give up her seat on a crowded bus to a white passenger. She refused, on principle, to surrender her seat because of her race, which was the law in Montgomery at the time. Parks was briefly jailed and paid a fine. The NAACP realized it had the right person to work with, as it battled against the system of segregation in Montgomery. It also worked with another group of local leaders to stage a one-day boycott of passenger buses, when Parks went to court. The group expanded to include other people, chose a name, the Montgomery Improvement Association, and planned an extended boycott.

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Rosa Parks is photographed in - At the next stop, more passengers got on.

By refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Alabama, city bus in , black seamstress Rosa Parks — helped initiate the civil rights movement in the United States. The leaders of the local black community organized a bus boycott that began the day Parks was convicted of violating the segregation laws. Led by a young Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Supreme Court ruled that bus segregation was unconstitutional. Over the next half-century, Parks became a nationally recognized symbol of dignity and strength in the struggle to end entrenched racial segregation.

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