Federalist papers in a sentence

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federalist papers in a sentence

The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton

With all the talk in political discourse these days about what the US Founding Fathers intended, I felt it was time to go straight to the source. If youve ever had similar thoughts, this is the place to start. This work is long - around 22 hours of Librivox audio - and written in archaic, ornate English. But anyone reading it will be immediately impressed by its scholarship and depth. It also gives a clear picture of what said Founding Fathers were up against - unbridled, often unprincipled, and outright rude opposition to pretty much every last bit of the Constitution at every turn. This series of essays was painstakingly written to try and convince the country that, while the new Constitution was not and could not be perfect, it was urgently needed to get the Union government functional, and that it was perhaps the best that could be done, given an imperfect world and us imperfect humans. The writers of the new Constitution were clearly trying their utmost to create a government and society as fair, conflict-free and well-functioning as they could manage. Interesting how slaves were reluctantly counted, in a compromise with the South, as having 3/5 the personhood of a free-born man. Really, every American, and anybody interested in how power, justice, and societies work, should read this carefully. Its left me a little tired, but happy and satisfied.
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The Federalist Papers: Relevant Today?

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Alexander Hamilton wrote most of the eighty-five essays that were later published in a book called the The Federalist , but most people refer to them as the Federalist Papers. They were intended to help people understand the republican form of government and the benefits of the Constitution. New Yorkers had strong opinions about the Constitution; many preferred the Articles of Confederation, which gave the individual states more power. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay wrote the Federalist Papers to "sell" the idea of uniting under a strong central government. All three expressed their views anonymously by sharing the pen name "Publius. Other writers opposed the idea of ceding power to a federal government and published letters disagreeing with "Publius.

Sentence count Posted: Updated: When federalists bleat on about how interdependent the world is, one wonders what world they live in. The more rabid federalists became impatient with procedural delays and wanted to effect a return to the federal system at once. The other factor was the assessment by committed federalists and functionalists of exactly what had been achieved. Meanwhile, the federalists try to pretend that this is not happening, or that it will not matter.


Today we mark the th annniversary of the Federalist Papers. On October 27, , the first of the papers was published in the Independent Journal , a New York newspaper. Through May , 85 essays in total were published. Longtime readers of Constitution Daily may remember Publius 2. The purpose of the essays was to explain the Constitution and encourage ratification, particularly in New York State. Though contemporaries did not know whose voice was behind the articles, readers today can appreciate how key players in the creation of the republic—the future first Secretary of the Treasury, first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and fourth President of the United States—could offer uniquely passionate insights into the new Constitution. With election season underway, you might find this sampling of quotations useful to back up an argument for your stance on an issue, on everything from size of government to domestic unrest to the need for taxation for defense spending and national debts.

Via Twitter. While drinking. Not really the place for significant exposition. I thought of the founders of the US discussing the Federalist Papers. I went to Project Gutenberg and grabbed a plain text file of the Federalist Papers. I stripped off the Gutenberg header and footer so that I was left with the main text, and the headings that were part of the original text.


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