When was richard connell born

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when was richard connell born

Richard Connell (Author of The Most Dangerous Game)

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Published 10.12.2018

The Most Dangerous Game - Short Film

Richard Connell

Richard Edward Connell Jr. His father was a reporter and the editor of a local paper, the Poughkeepsie News-Press , as well as an aspiring politician. By the age of 16 he had advanced to city editor of the paper and, after graduating from high school, attended Georgetown University. While at Georgetown, Connell worked with his father. His father was elected into congress in but unfortunately, died of a sudden death a year later. Connell returned to college, this time at Harvard, where he became editor of The Harvard Lampoon. Connell moved to New York City after his graduation and accepted a job as a newspaper reporter at the New York American.

Richard Edward Connell Jr. His was named after his father Richard Connell Sr. At an earlier age, Richard developed a love and a passion for the English language. Writing was one of his favorite things to do as a child and he was very good at it. He may have gotten his love for writing after his father who was a reporter and an editor for the local paper. When he was no older than 10 years old, he was reporting baseball games at 10 cents a game. Two years later, Connell Sr.

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Richard Edward Connell Jr.
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Connell was writing as early on as the age of 10, and was able to publish a few works due to the help of his father. After leaving college Connell procured many impressive jobs such as; editor of The Daily Crimson, editor of the Harvard Lampoon magazine and after that a reporter for The New York American. It was around this time that World War I began and Connel decided to enlist. Despite being enlisted, he continued to write while stationed in France. It is quite possible that his time in service influenced many of his future works, focusing on the darker side of man. The War soon ended and Connell returned home. After meeting his wife, Louise Fox, he decided to become a full time short story author.

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