Who was in scent of a woman

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who was in scent of a woman

Scent of a Woman by Giovanni Arpino

Two soldiers travel across Italy at the height of summer, passing through Genoa, Rome and Naples. One of the soldiers is blind, graceful, gleefully vicious and wears a prosthetic arm; the other, twenty years his junior, is his guide. But as these men drink their way through bars, brothels and train carriages, who is guiding who? Only as they reluctantly approach the blind mans destination, and a stifled love affair, does the purpose of the trip become tragically clear.

The inspiration for two acclaimed films, Scent of a Woman is a lyrical exploration of regret, defiance, and what it really means to see
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Scent of a Woman Official Trailer #1 - Al Pacino Movie (1992) Movie HD

Scent of a Woman is a American drama film produced and directed by Martin Brest that tells the story of a preparatory school student who takes a job as an.
Giovanni Arpino

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A loose adaption of the Giovanni Arpino novel Il buio e il miele and the movie Profumo di Donna , Scent of a Woman stars Al Pacino as the bitter, angry, depressed, and blind Lt. Frank Slade in a role that would earn him his first Oscar win. Here are some facts about the movie—the first to ever air on the Starz Network —to read before you get tangled up and tango on. Nicholson was initially approached to play the blind lieutenant colonel, but after he read the script, he passed. Just tell us how it went! As O'Donnell later admitted, it wasn't easy. But when I got in there, Al is such an intimidating presence and the character is supposed to be intimidated by him.

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Scent of a Woman is a American drama film produced and directed by Martin Brest that tells the story of a preparatory school student who takes a job as an assistant to an irritable, blind, medically retired Army officer. Unlike most of his peers, Charlie was not born into a wealthy family, and attends the school on a scholarship. Charlie accepts a temporary job over Thanksgiving weekend in order to afford a plane ticket home to Oregon for Christmas. The woman who hired him asks Charlie to watch over her uncle, Army Ranger Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade, whom Charlie discovers to be a cantankerous, blind alcoholic. Charlie and George Willis, Jr. Incensed over the prank, Trask quickly learns of the two student witnesses and presses Charlie and George to divulge the names of the perpetrators.

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