Is google making us stupid questions

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is google making us stupid questions

Is Google Making Us Stupid? by Nicholas Carr

Nicholas Carrs blockbuster essay on how the Internet is changing the way we think, now available in a Kindle edition. Originally published in The Atlantic magazine in 2008, Is Google Making Us Stupid? set off a worldwide debate about the cognitive and cultural consequences of our infatuation with computers and online media.

The New York Times called it the article that everyone is talking about. The essay served as the original inspiration for Carrs Pulitzer Prize-nominated book The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains. This edition of the essay includes an authors note on his sources. Approximately 5000 words in length.

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“Is Google Making Us Stupid?”

Advanced Search. Criticism of the Web most often questions whether we are becoming more superficial and scattered in our thinking. Like other critics, he sees change as loss and not as gain. But, his own criticism is superficial and misses the humanizing impact of Web 2. Nicholas Carr is an important voice today in pointing to the nervousness that many people have about technology.

If I google a simple question and don't get an immediate answer, I may not even go In his article “Is Google Making Us Stupid”, Stephen Carr argues that our.
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No.1: Android Base

This article is from the archive of our partner. People have been saying that computers are making us dumber basically since computers existed. Then the Internet came, eventually bringing Google into existence, and any hope for the future of intelligent life spiraled off into cyberspace. A just-published study in Science offers the latest set of findings, and a quick read suggests that yes, Google is hampering our ability to recall information. Led by Betsy Sparrow at Columbia University, the study also found that Google improves certain kinds of memory, like methods for retrieving information.

You might consider his use of evidence, logic, or implicit assumptions in forming your answer. I would argue that when conveniency is priority number one, we as a society start missing out on the little things in life. If everybody just reads the surface of a book or article, the result is widespread ignorance — you have to go deeper if you want to create an opinion with an informed rationale. He backed up his argument with a wide range of evidence which made it stronger as it showed a variety of reasons for how intellectual technologies have changed the way that humans process information. His evidence varies from his personal experience at the beginning as he felt that deep reading had become increasingly difficult. Then, Carr opens up his argument to the personal experiences from those around him as he notes that his friends and acquaintances have noticed the same issues with concentration in their own lives.

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