Nicolas cage looks like civil war

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nicolas cage looks like civil war

Eleni by Nicholas Gage

In 1948, as civil war ravaged Greece, children were abducted and sent to communist camps inside the Iron Curtain. Eleni Gatzoyiannis, forty-one, defied the traditions of her small village and the terror of the communist insurgents to arrange for the escape of her three daughters and her son, Nicola. For that act, she was imprisoned, tortured, and executed in cold blood.

Nicholas Gage joined his father in Massachusetts at the age of nine and grew up to become a top New York Times investigative reporter, honing his skills with one thought in mind: to return to Greece and uncover the one story he cared about most: the story of his mother.

Eleni takes you into the heart a village destroyed in the name of ideals and into the soul of a truly heroic woman.
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Nick Cage - A Civil War Era Vampire?

Original c carte de visite showing a man who looks exactly like Nick Cage. Personally, I believe it's him and that he is some sort of walking.
Nicholas Gage

Is Nicolas Cage a Vampire from the Civil War Era?

Are you an unhinged billionaire? Are you a sucker for impulse buys? Then have I got an eBay purchase for you, pilgrim! Original c. This is not a trick photo of any kind and has not been manipulated in Photoshop or any other graphics program. I've had a lot of questions asking where I purchased this. As followers of my website know, I collect antique memorial photography - images of dead people - from the s.

And a lot of them, it seems, bear a striking resemblance to modern celebrities. Some people don't just take this as a funny coincidence but joke that it raises certain exciting questions : Is Jack Black a time traveler? Have Nicolas Cage and John Travolta been warring for centuries? If you're looking to cast any historical dramas, here's a list of 25 celebrities and the historical figures they closely resemble. Robert M. A few months after the photo appeared, Cage went on David Letterman's talk show to deny that he was an immortal vampire. Snopes rates the claim "undetermined.

Snopes needs your help! Learn more. It is clear and is as nice as the day it was taken roughly years ago. As far as we know, the Cage photograph was pulled from eBay and the Travolta photograph failed to find a buyer, so neither has been examined by experts who could have documented or disclaimed their authenticity. We investigate as thoroughly and quickly as possible and relay what we learn. Then another question arrives, and the race starts again. We do this work every day at no cost to you, but it is far from free to produce, and we cannot afford to slow down.

The photo comparison may suggest Nicolas Cage could have lived forever.
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Civil War Face/Off: The Story of Nicolas Cage and John Travolta

Turns out there's a whole community of people, from TotallyLooksLike. While some people think that the celebrities are actually vampires , others believe in the conspiracy theories that the famous people are clones or descendants of former politicians, artists, philosophers and even criminals. We selected some of the most uncanny doppelgangers from YouTube compilations. From Keanu Reeves to Ellen Degeneres , you'll definitely be shocked by the resemblance. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.


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  1. Nicolas Cage and Matthew McConaughey aren't the only time travelers. See more 19th-century star doppelgängers.

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