Bipolar is a gift from god

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bipolar is a gift from god

Bipolar Disorder Quotes (122 quotes)

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Published 10.12.2018

Out of Darkness: stories of people with bipolar disorder

He went on to described several additional types of divine mania, including “ erotic inspiration” sent by the god of love and “protreptic inspiration” that comes from.

My Bipolar Disorder Is a Gift

Yes, some symptoms are frustrating. Yes, there are days I curse my diagnosis. But on balance, I see my bipolar disorder as a gift. Should they be sorry for me? Should they distance themselves from the crazy? Should they accept it like any other fact and simply move on?

Having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder over 15 years ago, I considered that my life was inevitably doomed and I would succumb to the same fate as my mother. Growing up, my mom had multiple hospitalizations, numerous suicide attempts and a mental illness that tried to claim her life time and time again. At the age of 25 years old, I plunged into a bipolar episode that eventually convin ced me that I did not have a promising future and I feared the curse of this illness that soon enveloped my entire life. I was always known as an outgoing and successful person to the world, someone who wildly chased her ambitions and succeeded in meeting her personal goals. I may have had bipolar symptoms growing up, but nothing that pointed to the fact that I was headed for an immense mental breakdown that nearly claimed my entire existence. Subsequent to my first hospitalization, I medicated myself to sleep day and night for two entire weeks.

Sound familiar? He wrote,. I have found that I have had extreme bouts of creativity and productivity during manic episodes.
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Embracing Bipolar Disorder and the Gifts to Follow

Bipolar disorder research & Precision Health at U-M: Gifts from the Richard Tam Foundation

Not everyone feels that being bipolar is a hardship. In fact, many view it as a blessing. He has bipolar, and firmly believes that God is not screwing with you. He will use bipolar for your absolute best. When we are weak, Christ's strength is made perfect in us and His grace is sufficient. That makes total sense to me.

I was talking recently with a friend who shared with me a question she was recently posed. How is my bipolar disorder a gift to me rather than a weakness? In all honestly, it is hard for me to imagine my disorder as a gift. It has caused a lot of hurt and grief and created many hurdles and challenges for me. But no matter how much I wish otherwise, bipolar remains. And so it has been a good exercise to consider what the positive pieces of bipolar might be. Dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts has made me a more empathetic person.

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  2. I have had a Bipolar 1 diagnosis since , when it was called God has caused me suffering to make me a better person! Ha! Of course this.

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