Heads up mental game coaching

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heads up mental game coaching

Heads-Up Baseball: Playing the Game One Pitch at a Time by Tom Hanson

This book provides practical strategies for developing the mental skills which help speed you to your full potential.---Dave Winfield

What does it mean to play heads-up baseball? A heads-up player has confidence in his ability, keeps control in pressure situations, and focuses on one pitch at a time. His mental skills enable him to play consistently at or near his best despite the adversity baseball presents each day.

My ability to fully focus on what I had to do on a daily basis was what made me the successful player I was. Sure I had some natural ability, but that only gets you so far. I think I learned how to focus; it wasnt something that I was necessarily born with. -- Hank Aaron

Developing and refining my mental game has played a critical role in my success in baseball. For years players have had to develop these skills on their own. This book provides practical strategies for developing the mental skills that will help speed you toward your full potential. -- Dave Winfield
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Mental Game of Baseball - Dr Ken Ravizza

Her dynamic style and commitment to the players and teams she works with is second to none. I highly recommend Brenley Shapiro and the Heads Up programming.
Tom Hanson

Heads Up Mental Game Coaching & Mind Gym

Sports Psychology is the study of human behavior within the sporting environment. It is based upon empirical research, analyzing the effectiveness of theories and interventions used to enhance performance. Mental training and mental game coaching is a segment of sports psychology. The focus is to enable athletes to achieve peak performance and reach their full potential, through the teaching of mental strategies and skills. Mental game coaching for athletes is geared towards breaking through mental barriers, and developing specific mental strengths and skills, ultimately elevating overall performance and success. At Heads Up we believe you cannot separate the mental from the physical, when it comes to performance.

Mental strength coaching helps athletes and performers learn how to respond to adversity under pressure situations. Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, and Maria Sharapova are just a few top athletes that have a high level of mental game strength when they compete. What does a mental strength coach do for athletes and teams? A mental strength coach helps athletes improve mental game skills and mental toughness so they can perform at their peak performance or improve consistency. Mental strength coaching helps athletes improve several mental game skills and perform consistently well. Below are the top eight mental game skills:.

The mental game is like frosting on the cake. I think coaches have been doing the mental game throughout their coaching career, but what we did in Heads-Up Baseball was provide a structure and a framework where this related to that and they can see that. Good coaches coach the mental game. What has changed is the environment that athletes are brought up in. We were talking about this in spring training.

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Welcome to Heads Up, the most comprehensive mental game training program around. Our mission is to help our athletes and clients push the boundaries of achievement and facilitate a pathway towards success, in sport, business and life in general. Our athletes and clients become empowered to get the most out of their physical and mental skill set and ability, ultimately maximizing and reaching their full development potential. Our ultimate commitment and passion is in helping those we work with become the very best they can be. Through the highest quality of programming within a challenging, yet caring and compassionate environment, we are devoted to helping our clients set themselves apart from the rest. We will take you to the next level through the development of your overall mental toughness and acuity, and sports vision and cognitive processing skills. The end result is not only performance enhancement, but the enrichment of the overall quality of the competitive playing experience, overall happiness and the enjoyment of the entire journey along the way.


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  1. Her innovative and in depth program development combines theories of cognition and behaviours into mental skills training, along with scientific strategies using state of the art technologies to strengthen neurocogntive processing, decision making under stress and overall reaction timing.

  2. Heads Up is a comprehensive high performance training academy, focused on developing all aspects of the mental game. Those within the Sport, Corporate.

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