I will survive animation alien

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i will survive animation alien

Rachel Bradys Blog - Why I Will Survive an Alien Attack - April 29, 2011 03:00

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Pixar - Alien Song (I Will Survive)

Set to Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive, the I Will Survive Alien Song, animation, was created in by Victor Navone as a self-appointed.

Little Green Man

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Gloria Gaynor. Green, karaoke-singing aliens. Deadly mirror balls.

My first animation with the as yet unnamed Blit and my second ever, the first being a mediocre walk cycle of a duck was appropriately called " Alien Test ". This was primarily an exercise in acting and timing, and also in working with the software and distilling a good skeletal constraint setup. I wanted to see if I could put the scene that I saw in my head into the computer. In this piece, as in the 2 subsequent pieces, the set is minimal in order to focus on the animation. I finished it in late July of that year, and I believe it was a moderately successful piece, though I could certainly do it better and faster today.

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