Eating boogers good or bad

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eating boogers good or bad

Why You Shouldnt Eat Your Boogers and Other Useless or Gross Information About Your Body by Francesca Gould

Fascinating...Unbelievable...Gross! These are just a few of the responses readers will hear when they impress their friends with facts from the quirky new book of body trivia, Why You Shouldnt Eat Your Boogers & Other Useless or Gross Information About Your Body by Francesca Gould. This collection of little-known facts about the human body answers the questions you have always wanted to ask but never dared to, such as:

Can smoking make your teeth fall out?

Is it safe to eat moldy food after the molds been cut off?

Do intelligent people have bigger brains?

How do astronauts poo in space?
The book also offers many unbelievable-but-true historical factoids about the body. For example:

Have you ever heard of Dr. Strangelove Syndrome? Its a rare condition caused by damage to certain parts in the brain, which results in a persons hand acting independently and taking on a life of its own.

Did you know that there is also a rare condition called Foreign Accent Syndrome, which results in people suddenly developing a foreign accent?

Have you ever wondered if a heart transplant could change your personality? The short answer is, yes!

Did you know that men used hair gel 2000 years ago during the Iron Age?
Why You Shouldnt Eat Your Boogers offers of cornucopia of body trivia that will have readers cringing with delight! You can read it on the subway, in the bathroom, or even in a heavy downpour! For contrary to popular belief, according to this book, you cannot catch cold by standing in the rain!
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Weird science: Eating boogers might be good for your health, study shows - TomoNews

Why Boogers are Gross but So Good For Your Health (Infographic)

The gunk in our noses and nasal passages makes many of us feel worse in the winter months. Boogers are gross but really actually important to our health. While they protect us from a lot of bad things, they can also be annoying. She also highlights five things about boogers you probably never knew, including why kids eat boogers and the best way for people of all ages to pick boogers. And yes, cleaning out your nose is important. Our body makes boogers to protect us from viruses and irritating particles in our environment that we breathe in every day. All boogers are basically dried out mucus.

Or should you be worried? Keep reading to learn what the experts have to say! So I started to wonder, should I be worried if my kid eats boogers? I want to clarify that I wrote this to be a humorous piece, not medical advice. My kid picks her nose sometimes — lots of kids do — and my post is all in good fun.

Nose picking is by no means a new phenomenon.
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5 Interesting Booger Facts

Do you pick your nose on a daily basis? Oh no, some people are actually eating their boogers so much, that scientists made it a point to study boogers to see if there are any health benefits to them.

So chances are you've probably mined for some juicy nose nuggets yourself. Let's take a closer look at that booger. It's mostly made of water, gel-like proteins that give it that gooey consistency and special immune proteins that fight off germs. Those immune proteins are especially useful because boogers are teeming with harmful viruses, like influenza. That's the whole point, actually. Boogers serve as your body's front-line defense against invading germs. When you breathe in, you're not just inhaling air.

Grimacing, I pleaded for him to stop. He giggled , but the second my hand left his arm, he popped the snot-crowned finger between his lips. The truth was that I wanted him to stop because every time I caught the two placidly munching mucus, I was flooded with a wave of disgust and anxiety. So I decided I would ask some experts about the actual danger posed and see if I could come up with a justification for a more stringent anti-picking policy. More than that it was confusing and conflicting. Some sites suggested that picking and eating was a good way for kids to get sick—not from the snot, but from their filthy hands.


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