Eves diary commonlit answer key

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eves diary commonlit answer key

Extracts from Adams Diary/Eves Diary by Mark Twain

EXTRACTS from Adams Diary.
Eves Diary COMPLETE.
And of course there was much, much less to Eves. I wonder, if Mark Twain were really Samantha L. Clemens, would it be ADAMS DIARY COMPLETE and EXTRACTS FROM EVES DIARY?

Which would any of you prefer to read? I think Id like the complete diaries of each!

Adam simply did not know what to think of Eve when she appeared, and at times he was VERY impatient with her. Youve just got to read his reaction to the arrival of Cain, then how he keeps up with the development of this new creature that looks more and more like them than like the other creatures around them. Stay tuned to see if Adam is ABLE to cope with the next new arrival...

I enjoyed Eves explorations, her reasons for the particular names she chose for things, and how she would think she came up with an idea or a remark that was so clever or thoughtful for one so young. I think she enjoyed life and living more than Adam did. Youd hate to think that he thought, That was the perfect day--until SHE showed up.... Is that what Eve would have said about life and Adam if she had been created first and then had her landscape cluttered up with THAT specimen?

Whether youre a son of Adam or a daughter of Eve, thanks for reading. And whoever you are, I hope youre enjoying life rather than tolerating existence.
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Eve's diary by Mark Twain Episode 2

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Mark Twain

Extracts from Adam's Diary

Adam based on Twain himself describes how Eve modeled after his wife Livy gets introduced into the Garden of Eden, and how he has to deal with "this new creature with the long hair. It begins with the introduction of Eve, described as an annoying creature with a penchant for naming things, which Adam could do without. It moves on to detail Eve eating the apple and finding Cain, a perplexing creature which Adam can not figure out. He devotes his ironically scientific mind to demystifying Cain's species, thinking it a fish, then a kangaroo, then a bear. Eventually he figures out it is a human, like himself.

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