Short essay on modern india

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short essay on modern india

Makers of Modern India by Ramachandra Guha

Modern India is the worlds largest democracy, a sprawling, polyglot nation containing one-sixth of all humankind. The existence of such a complex and distinctive democratic regime qualifies as one of the worlds bona fide political miracles. Furthermore, Indias leading political thinkers have often served as its most influential political actors--think of Gandhi, whose collected works run to more than ninety volumes, or Ambedkar, or Nehru, who recorded their most eloquent theoretical reflections at the same time as they strove to set the delicate machinery of Indian democracy on a coherent and just path. Out of the speeches and writings of these thinker-activists, Ramachandra Guha has built the first major anthology of Indian social and political thought. Makers of Modern India collects the work of nineteen of Indias foremost generators of political sentiment, from those whose names command instant global recognition to pioneering subaltern and feminist thinkers whose works have until now remained obscure and inaccessible.
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Published 11.12.2018

Education System of India - Essay, Speech and Presentation

In this reading, the author introduces five themes that are central to understanding modern India.
Ramachandra Guha

The Making of Modern India, One Essay at a Time

It has very nearly been 66 years since we, as one nation, took the reins of our destiny in our own hands. And while that still places us as a relatively young democracy the US, for example, signed the declaration of independence in , that the first generation born after that fateful midnight has now started retiring is a noteworthy milestone. As a people who use the same word for tomorrow as for yesterday, keeping track of the passage of time and the changes it brings along is not something we are very adept at. The vastness and the diversity of this nation make this task no easier. Such societies are marked by an environment of familiarity and universally-shared polite fiction, where a lot goes unsaid, or is said in a rather few words.

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When we write about modern Indian women, we should be clear that what we are characterizing is the life and philosophy of a very small, though important, section of Indian society, via, urban middle class educated Indian women, leaving out an overwhelming number of their counterparts who live villages. There are some typical features of modern Indian history which affect the life of women in the cities. The most striking among them is the conflict caused by the rather difficult transition from tradition to modernity. It starts from the time a child is born. In many Indian homes the desire for a male child is so obsessive and the preference for and care bestowed on him so pronounced, that depending on the totality of circumstances a girl either becomes timid, subdued and resigned or she turns into a recalcitrant or rebellious person.

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