Top 10 people who claim to be immortal

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top 10 people who claim to be immortal

Immortal Quotes (197 quotes)

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Published 11.12.2018

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I n , an American real-estate investor named James Strole established the Coalition for Radical Life Extension , a nonprofit based in Arizona which aims to galvanise mainstream support for science that might one day significantly prolong human life.

Top 10 People Who Claim To be Immortal

After more than 4, years — almost since the dawn of recorded time, when Utnapishtim told Gilgamesh that the secret to immortality lay in a coral found on the ocean floor — man finally discovered eternal life in He found it, in fact, on the ocean floor. The discovery was made unwittingly by Christian Sommer, a German marine-biology student in his early 20s. Everything dies, everything blossoms again. Sommer was conducting research on hydrozoans, small invertebrates that, depending on their stage in the life cycle, resemble either a jellyfish or a soft coral. Every morning, Sommer went snorkeling in the turquoise water off the cliffs of Portofino.

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Allegedly, while Jesus was struggling to carry the cross through the streets of Jerusalem before his crucifixion, a man came up to him, slapped him with his sandal, and mockingly told Jesus to hurry up. Jesus, presumably annoyed, told that man that Jesus was about to leave the Earth, but because of his actions, the Jewish man would have to "wait until his return. The Jewish man realized what Jesus meant and immediately converted to Christianity. He wasn't able to die, but his "gift" of immortality had some pretty unfortunate side effects. For example, every hundred years he would get sick and go into some kind of fit before magically turning 30 again.

Those are the words of esteemed futurologist Dr Ian Pearson, who told The Sun he believes humans are very close to achieving "immortality" — the ability to never die. Ancient Greek alchemists tried to create a "philosopher's stone" that would let people live forever, but humans have yet to beat death. However, Dr Pearson tells The Sun that there are a number of different ways we could live forever — as long as you can make it to the year If you kick the bucket before then, you might be part of the last generation of humans to die of old age. He reveals that one way to extend life would be to use bio-technologies and medicine to "keep renewing the body, and rejuvenating it".

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