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last man down richard picciotto

Last Man Down: A Firefighters Story of Survival and Escape from the World Trade Center by Richard Picciotto

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Anyone who witnessed the 9/11 terrorist attack on New York City probably wonders, What was it like to be inside the towers after the planes hit? New York Fire Department battalion chief Richard Pitch Picciotto was there, inside the North Tower, evacuating survivors, when the South Tower collapsed. He and his men quickly realized they had only moments to escape before their building would fall as well. Could they shepherd everyone out in time? Could they save themselves? Readers will be spellbound -- even though Pitch himself obviously does survive, they will be furiously biting their collective nails nonetheless.

After a short tribute to the many members of New Yorks Bravest who perished that tragic day, Picciottos recounting of September 11th begins with the usual rituals: getting his son, Stephen, off to school, seeing his wife, Debbie, off to her job, grabbing some bagels for the guys on the day shift. But when the news comes in, and all eyes in the firehouse turn toward the TV, everything changes: Our world turned upside down and inside out and all over the place. Pitch, who was at the WTC during the 1993 bombing incident as well, immediately senses that this is no accident.

In a way, the scariest moment in the book is the frantic ride downtown to the WTC site. Everyone senses that this may well be the last such trip of their lives (and the reader, of course, knows just how true that is). Firefighters are trained to put such thoughts out of their minds, but this is no simple fire; its what they all call the big one.

For an ultimate insider look at what it was like that fateful day, Chief Picciottos chronicle is highly recommended. (Nicholas Sinisi)

Nicholas Sinisi is the Barnes & Current Events editor.

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The No. On September 11th, Battalion Commander Richard 'Pitch' Picciotto was the highest ranking fire department commander in the twin towers when the North Tower fell.
Richard Picciotto

Last Man Down

I first heard about this book on a morning radio program commemorating the first anniversary of September 11th. Several passages were read aloud by an actor with a New York accent; I was hooked. It has been the best and the worst two weeks of my life. I must confess that I am drawn to disasters. I soak up the details and try to understand not only what happened but why it happened. This book is a firsthand account of what it was like to be inside the North Tower and knowing that the stories above you were crashing down upon you.

The highest-ranking firefighter to survive the World Trade Center terrorist attacks on September 11, , Chief Picciotto was on a stairwell between the sixth and seventh floors of the North Tower when it collapsed. Picciotto tells his account of that indelible day, shaking and inspiring audiences. We are looking forward to his inspirational presentation on April Already a veteran of terrorist attacks, Picciotto was present fighting a similar battle after the World Trade Center Bombing in Inside the North Tower again where he found himself years earlier, he focused his concentration on the rescue efforts at hand.


Maybe they still say it to each other, though they've surely seen the biggest, which consumed of their brothers. In his heart of hearts, he knew what had happened, but when, after what seemed an eternity, his question was answered over the radio, it still seemed impossible. He and his men were on the 35th floor. If one tower could come down, so could the other. It was unlikely anyone above the fire had survived. So, at

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