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dragon champion age of fire

Dragon Champion (Age of Fire #1) by E.E. Knight

Dragon Champion, the first book in E. E. Knights all-ages fantasy series chronicling the adventures of a fledgling dragon, is a dramatic departure for the author of the bestselling Vampire Earth saga (Valentines Rising, Tale of the Thunderbolt, et al.) -- an adrenaline-fueled postapocalyptic blend of military science fiction and Lovecraftian horror that chronicles the ongoing war between soul-sucking alien invaders and the last few remaining pockets of human resistance.

Knights fantasy debut concerns a rare, scaleless gray dragon named Auron. Born high in a mountain cave, he witnesses the slaughter of his parents at the hands of a band of dwarves and eventually matures into the last hope for the survival of his kind. Once above ground, Auron learns quickly just how dangerous it is to be a dragon. With dwarves, elves, and humans relentlessly hunting him, Auron finds friendship in the most unlikely of places -- but the young dragons quest to find others of his kind may not lead him to the answers he hopes to find.

The good news is that Knight has penned a highly entertaining novel with profoundly moving themes that should appeal to fantasy fans of all ages, especially those with a penchant for dragon-powered story lines a la Anne McCaffreys Pern and Mercedes Lackeys Dragon Jousters trilogy (Joust, Alta, and Sanctuary). The bad news is that those who have already read Knights brilliantly dark and addictive Vampire Earth novels and are expecting something similar will be sorely disappointed.
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Book details Author : E. Synopsis book From the national bestselling author of the Vampire Earth series comes the first novel in an epic fantasy saga where dragons struggle to survive in an age of fire High in the mountains, deep in the safety of a cave, a brood of dragons is born. The four young ones are among the last of a dying breed--the last hope for dragons' survival. But hope shatters when a murderous group of slave-trader dwarves breaks into the cave, leaving a wake of death and destruction

Dragon Champion, the first book in E. E. Knight's all-ages fantasy series chronicling the adventures of a fledgling dragon, is a dramatic departure for the author.
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Knight , who is also known for writing the Vampire Earth series of novels. The series follows the adventures of three dragon siblings. All having hatched from a clutch of five eggs carefully protected by the female dragon Irelia and her mate, bronze AuRel, the young dragons quickly establish themselves into distinct roles.

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Dragon Champion is the first book in the series, and tells the coming of age story of the dragon named Auron from birth until he becomes AuRon. It precedes Dragon Avenger. Deep in a cave underneath the Red Mountains , a small gray hatchling begins to break free of his egg, and witnesses his two male sibings - a Red hatchling and a Copper hatchling - instinctively fighting for control of the "shelf" their eggs have been laid on. Although the Red initially has the upper hand; crippling the Copper 's foreleg and next attacking the gray, the two siblings manage to kill him after the gray guts him with his egg horn and the Copper crushes his throat. The gray then forces his Copper brother off the edge of the egg shelf and devours the corpse of the Red with the two remaining siblings - females - whereupon their mother names him Auron , and lulls him to sleep with a song - briefly waking later when his father arrives.

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