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dark rain graphic novel summary

Dark Rain: A New Orleans Story by Mat Johnson

From Mat Johnson, writer of the acclaimed INCOGNEGRO, comes a graphic novel thriller set in the days after Hurricane Katrina. Two small-time ex-cons with big dreams get the idea that this would be the perfect time to rob a bank. Catch is, the bank is in New Orleans, and theyre on parole in Houston. Now, as every sane person tries to get out of The Big Easy, Emmit and Dabny will do whatever it takes to get in.

As they journey through a tide of human suffering, Dabny wants to help, and Emmit sees only the money. But a rogue commander of the ruthless security force Dark Rain has his sights set on taking down the same bank. If Emmit and Dabny dont outrace him, their last hope for a second chance could be washed away in the floodwaters – along with their lives.
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Dark Rain: A New Orleans Story

What is a Graphic Novel? The car is enveloped in flame, but he escapes. Gotham is in a heat wave, and it has been ten years since the last sighting of the Batman. Bruce and Jim have drinks, celebrating the retirement of Batman. It is apparent that Jim knows that Bruce was Batman, and he mentions Jason.

Dark Rain: A New Orleans Story – Graphic Novel Review

Comic book writer and novelist Mat Johnson is no stranger to talking about race and politics in America. Johnson's previous Vertigo Comics graphic novels include the post-Katrina heist story "Dark Rain" with artist Simon Gane, and segregation-era noir "Incognegro" with artist Warren Pleece and have dealt with such topics as identity and violence. In "Right State," Johnson's newest graphic novel featuring art by Andrea Mutti , the writer turns his eye towards a new topic: the influence of the media on politics. Centering on conservative media pundit Ted Akers, the graphic novel follows Akers as he goes undercover in an extremist militia group to ferret out an assassination plot against the second black President of the United States. With "Right State" slated for release in August, right in the middle of the presidential elections involving America's first black President, CBR News spoke with Johnson about the book, touching on everything from the criticism "Right State" is already receiving to race and identity in the White House. CBR News: "Right State" deals with the investigation into a possible assassination attempt against America's second black President, and it's coming out just in time for the election. What's the genesis of this story?

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  1. Dark Rain is a fictional heist story set against the backdrop of an historical moment in both time and space—a flooded New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina in

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