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who dies in death cure

The Death Cure - The Ending (SPOILERS!!!) Showing 1-50 of 444

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Published 12.12.2018

Maze Runner The Death Cure2018 Ending Scene Part 1 Full HD 1080p

Today, we break down the conclusion to the trilogy.

The Maze Runner

The Death Cure is a young adult dystopian science fiction novel written by American writer James Dashner and the third book published in the Maze Runner series the fifth and last in narrative order. In narrative order, it is the last book in the series. Janson tells the Gladers Group A and Group B that most of their number are immune to the Flare while some are not, reading out names of people who are not immune to the Flare. Thomas is devastated to hear that his friend Newt is not immune. The Gladers are offered the chance to remove the mind-control chips in their heads, thus restoring their memories, but at the cost of Thomas' ability to communicate telepathically with Teresa and Aris.

Major spoilers from the Maze Runner franchise follow. It's in the name, after all. But Maze Runner: The Death Cure , the latest installment in the popular books-turned-movies franchise, turns the young hero around and sends him straight to his enemies' doorstep. Like its predecessors, the movie is relentlessly ambitious, both in story and visuals, and while it's at times exhausting, it's a burst of undeniable fun that brings Hollywood's current Y. Nowlin, even with the changes made to the ending of the original trilogy. The Death Cure picks up in the middle of a train heist.


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  1. The novel is a rollercoaster of shocking moments that leave your jaw on the floor and tears in your eyes.

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