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target photo studio near me

Photographing Children - Tips, Tricks And Ideas! by Dan Eitreim

Once you have digested this easy to read and easy to understand On Target Photo Training, you will be well on the way to shooting the amazing photos of children! Ones that win photo contests!

Or bring tears to the eyes of parents... isnt that what you got into photography to do?

Within about an hour - you will not only understand all the photo theory - but you will know how to apply it as well!

This volume of the On Target Photo Training series, is not just about photographing children but, various types of light and light manipulation. These are key elements that affect most every shot and that most of us will encounter on an almost daily basis.

Here is a copy of the Table Of Contents to give you a feel for what is included...

Photographing Children - Tips, Tricks And Ideas
Childrens Photography Covers A Lot Of Ground!
The 18/18 Rule!
Keep Your Camera Ready!
Go For An Emotion!
Be Decorative
Show Your Creative Intent
Capture Personality
Complement Your Subject
Photo Projects To Save Your Camera - And Your Kids!
Finding Your Personal Style
Special Vision
Make Sure Your Photographs Tell A Story!
How To Find The Story
Shoot Like A Sniper!
Natural Light
Pros Of Using Natural Light
Cons Of Using Natural Light
Sunlight Directly Into The Face
Back-lit Subjects
Open Shade
Window Light
Raccoon Eyes
Shoot When It Is Overcast
Natural Light Manipulation
Soften The Harsh Shadows Of Direct Light
Make Skin Tones Pop
Backdrops In Natural Light
Available Light
Pros Of Using Available Light
Cons Of Using Available Light
For Best Results
Available Light Manipulation
On Camera Electronic Flash
Pros Of Using Electronic Flash
Here Is A Flash Photography Photo Tip That Will Save You Money - And Get You More Shots!
Freeze The Action
Cons Of Using On Camera Flash
How To Eliminate The Dreaded Red, Green and Blue Eye Effect In Your Photography!
Ring Lights
Tips For Using Your On Camera Flash
You NEED Shadows!
Dont Use Your Flash At Full Power
Studio Strobes
Pros Of Using Studio Lights
Cons of Using Studio Lights
Studio Strobe Manipulation
Lighting Pitfalls
Catch Lights
Lighting The Portrait
The Shadow In Portrait Photography
The Short Light And The Broad Light Patterns
The Split Light
The Loop Lighting Pattern
The Rembrandt Light
The Butterfly Light Pattern
The Fill Light
The Lighting Ratios
The Background Light
The Hair Light
The Accent Light
The Three Light Set Using One Light!
Photo Exercise
Additional Photo Training

Yes, YOU can do the sorts of Childrens Portraits that you thought were only done by the top professionals! Check out this photo training course volume right now and see for yourself!
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Published 12.12.2018

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