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juliana born without a face 2017

Juliana (Juliana, #1) by Vanda

“An Absolutely Beautiful and Moving Novel!”
--Philip Crawford, author of Mafia and the Gays
Readers say, “I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

She went looking for fame, and found her true self, instead.

New York City, 1941. Alice “Al” Huffman and her childhood friends are fresh off the potato farms of Long Island and bound for Broadway. Al’s plans for stage success are abruptly put on hold when she’s told she has no talent. As she gets a job to pay for acting classes, Al settles into a normal life with her friends and a boyfriend. It all changes when she meets Juliana.
A singer on the brink of stardom, Juliana is everything Al isn’t: glamorous, talented, and queer. The farm girl is quickly enthralled, experiencing thoughts and feelings she never realized were possible. Al finds herself slipping between two worlds: the gay underground and the “normal” world of her childhood friends. It’s a balancing act she can handle until the two worlds begin to collide
In a city bursting with change, can Alice find what she was looking for all along?

Juliana: Volume 1: 1941-1944 is a captivating work of LGBT historical romance. If you like extensively researched settings, spell-binding storytelling, and characters you can’t help but fall for, then you’ll love the first book in award-winning playwright Vanda’s new Juliana series.

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The life of a girl with congenital deformity on the face level

Girl Born Without A Face Surprised Doctors And Defied Internet Trolls. Juliana Wetmore was born missing nearly 40% of the bones in her face. She has a genetic condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome.

Meet the girl born without a face, underwent 45 surgeries & got a new face

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There are certain natural phenomena which can never be taken into account and thus the outcome cannot be predicted. Like natural disasters which occur unplanned, there are other things which are not under the control of human beings. There are certain cases in the world which often intrigue human but no explanation can be found or offered. There is this girl named Juliana Wetmore who was born without a face and her story went viral on the internet and she almost became a media sensation. Where is her face?

A LITTLE girl has defied extraordinary odds to reach her ninth birthday, after a rare condition meant she was born without a face. Doctors doubted she would survive her first few hours of life, refused to feed her and advised her family to start making funeral arrangements. After defying their predictions at two days old she was transferred to a specialist unit where her condition was identified and a week later she was released to her family's care. She looked a little strange when she was born she had a big opening on her face and a very open eye, she was different from our other children. Since then she's had eight surgeries to reconstruct her eyes, nose and mouth as well as stimulate her motor functions, most recently at Shriner's Hospital in Texas, USA. Parents Ronaldo and Jocilene, 39 and 43, are continuing to fundraise for more treatment in the hope it will give her a better quality of life. Earlier this month, she reached her ninth birthday baffling doctors who believe the only reason she is alive is due to her family's thorough care and love.

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Juliana's Smile - Skip Ewing accomplishment. Béla Fleck and Dave Koz (Official Version)

Treacher Collins syndrome TCS is a genetic disorder characterized by deformities of the ears, eyes, cheekbones, and chin. TCS is usually autosomal dominant. Treacher Collins syndrome is not curable. Symptoms in people with Treacher Collins syndrome vary. Some individuals are so mildly affected that they remain undiagnosed, while others have moderate to severe facial involvement and life-threatening airway compromise. The most common symptom of Treacher Collins syndrome is underdevelopment of the lower jaw and underdevelopment of the zygomatic bone. This can be accompanied by the tongue being retracted.

Her face didn't look human when she was born. Her mother, Tami, was so shocked at the delivery, she could barely whisper, "Where is she? Where's her face? In fact, her dad, Thom Wetmore, took a photograph to show his wife to try and brace her for what she was about to see. Tami Wetmore had a rough delivery and hadn't seen her daughter yet.

Juliana Wetmore had a rocky start coming into this world. She has a genetic condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome. And this rare disease affects the bone formed in the head and can cause breathing, hearing, and eating problems. But sadly, not everyone was as understanding of her condition. They know that Juliana has a special purpose in this world to teach others not to judge a book by its cover.

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  1. Juliana Wetmore is known around the world as "The Girl Born Without a Face." Her story went viral a year after she was born. Now year-old Juliana has been through 45 surgeries. She's missing up to 40 percent of the bones in her face. Juliana has a Baha-bone anchored hearing aid.

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