Fun facts about elizabethan england

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fun facts about elizabethan england

Dangerous Days in Elizabethan England by Terry Deary

The reign of Elizabeth I - a Golden Age? Try asking her subjects...

Elizabethans did all they could to survive in an age of sin and bling, of beddings and beheadings, galleons and guns. Explorers set sail for new worlds, risking everything to bring back slaves, gold and the priceless potato. Elizabeth lined her coffers while her subjects lived in squalor with hunger, violence and misery as bedfellows. Shakespeare shone and yet the beggars, doxies and thieves scraped and cheated to survive in the shadows.

These were dangerous days. If you survived the villains, and the diseases didnt get you, then the lawmen might. Pick the wrong religion and the scaffold or stake awaited you. The toothless, red-wigged queen sparkled in her jewelled dresses, but the Golden Age was only the surface of the coin. The rest was base metal.
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Elizabeth: The Virgin Queen - Part 1

Considered the golden age of English history, the Elizabethan era saw a flowering of British culture in many different areas. Spanning the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, this period saw unprecedented peace and prosperity in England, especially when contrasted with the times just.
Terry Deary

Elizabethan Era

Mar 23, Famous Women 0. The reign of Queen Elizabeth, from to , is the period known as the Elizabethan. The period is also referred to as the golden age in England. During this era, the kingdom prospered in almost every sector. There were several plots to kill the Queen, who was a Protestant and be replaced by a Catholic. The latter plot led to the execution of Mary, Queen of Scot.

Considered the golden age of English history, the Elizabethan era saw a flowering of British culture in many different areas. Spanning the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, this period saw unprecedented peace and prosperity in England, especially when contrasted with the times just before and after it. In Elizabethan times, poetry, music, theater and literature dominated daily life at home while the explorations of the British abroad brought a steady stream of exotic news and influences to England's shores. In addition to an explosion of culture, the Elizabethan era contained many fascinating features. The reign of Queen Elizabeth I stretched from to , covering an especially monumental time in British history. The church of England declared independence from the Catholic Church the same year the Elizabeth took power so the queen had absolute power over both church and state.

Music was an important form of entertainment for Elizabethan culture. People of the lower class normally sang to distract themselves from the challenging tasks they are undertaking. Music was also performed at churches as it is today. In the Elizabethan Era the fashion was very classy and exquisite. It was a time when fashion was at its best. During this era the rich and upper classed people wore more extravagant clothing whilst the lower classed people wore simpler clothing made of necessary materials.

Here are some key Elizabethan Era facts about England that may be of interest to some readers, educators, students, and visitors of the website.
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The Elizabethan Era Facts inform us with the golden age in English history. It took place in until The era was characterized with the presence of flourished art, wealth and peace. During the era, Elizabeth I was considered as the ruler. Thus, the era was dubbed after her name. Check other interesting facts about Elizabethan Era in the below post:. The most notable theatre in the English history was established during the Elizabethan era.

People drank beer all day long, and makeup could kill you. Ordinary people sweetened food with honey, while wealthy families spent a fortune on sugar, a recent discovery from the Caribbean. Alarming-sounding sweet dishes included " Carp with a Pudding in its Belly " pictured and rabbit in sugar sauce. Unsurprisingly, tooth decay was rife: Even Queen Elizabeth's teeth turned black. Stewed prunes were a sweet dish that was sold for an extortionate price in brothels equivalent to ordering champagne in a club today as they were thought to be an aphrodisiac. Women whitened their face with a lead-based cosmetic called ceruse , which covered smallpox scars. Unfortunately it was poisonous and could kill you.

Learn about the Elizabethan Era in the second adventure which transports you back to the time of Elizabeth I. Place the Elizabethan sticker on the timeline and find modern-day London on the world map. Find a cosy place to read the illustrated time-travelling Elizabethan story with the matching bookmark, then learn some Elizabethan facts in the history booklet. Learn about how treasure was stolen from Spanish ships , then decorate your own treasure chest with glitter glue and sparkling gems. Colour in the three themed designs with the pencils provided, then treasure your very own Elizabethan-inspired stickers and special gift. Begin the history adventure with a Mysteries in Time subscription box for kids. Their next adventure takes them back to Elizabethan London, where two innocent people have been accused of stealing from Queen Elizabeth I.

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  1. Kids learn about the Elizabethan Era including the English Renaissance, theatre, arts, clothing, fashion, and fun facts. The time period is named after Queen Elizabeth I who ruled England during this time. Clothing from the Elizabethan Era.

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