Mask to look like someone else

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mask to look like someone else

Masks Quotes (154 quotes)

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Published 13.12.2018

[individual] Follow someone else's voice ,복면가왕 20190331

Anti-surveillance mask lets you pass as someone else They're like Guy Fawkes masks that look like real people: A group wears the paper.

Anti-surveillance mask lets you pass as someone else

I mean that figuratively. No killing with someones else's face on, please. Or your own. My mama always said the best revenge you can get is to live well. The Faux Real Face Masks don't depict anyone famous though one looks like a lot like Sylar from Heroes but will still weird people out with their detailed printed likenesses of an old man, an old lady, a hipster dude, and a crazy MF.

We often identify people using face images. This is true in occupational settings such as passport control as well as in everyday social environments. Mapping between images and identities assumes that facial appearance is stable within certain bounds. It also assumes that deliberate changes beyond these bounds i. Hyper-realistic face masks overturn these assumptions by allowing the wearer to look like an entirely different person.

That's Leo Selvaggio's face you're looking at - but it's not Leo Selvaggio.
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Freak Masks are personalized ski masks that lets you wear someone else's face, or if you really prefer the look of your own, you can wear a mask of your your own face. Perfect for rapists, thieves, or all-around creeps, the freak masks will not only work with peoples faces, but can also be used with pineapples, drawings, or really whatever object you would like to become. The freak masks are one-size-fits-all, so don't worry about your massively fat head fitting into the ski mask, unless its abnormally large, then you may want to consult a local physician. The masks are made with a special breathable lycra that makes it much easier to breathe through, plus you can drink through it as well. The freak masks are machine washable on cold water, and will last through roughly washes, although you should not tumble dry the masks. Like this stuff? Enter your email to get the newest items sent to your inbox once a week!

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