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maths skills test pass mark

Passing the Numeracy Skills Test by Mark Patmore

All applicants to Initial Teacher Training in England need to PASS the Numeracy Skills Test before starting their course. The test is designed to ensure trainee teachers have a sound grasp of numeracy skills such as mental arithmetic and interpreting statistics and can apply these in practice.

This popular and widely recommended book outlines all of the requirements of the Numeracy Skills Test,  explains the essential subject knowledge candidates need and includes practice questions for test preparation.

This sixth edition, written by one of the authors of the test itself, is updated throughout and includes a full practice test, more practice questions and more question and answer commentary.  This text is more than a collection of practice questions.  It includes advice, tips, test commentary and guidance to help you pass first time.

It helps you to:

- familiarise yourself with the skills and knowledge to be tested

- fully understand the format and structure of the numeracy skills test

- know what to expect on the day of the test

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Published 13.12.2018

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Brush up basic skills with YouTube videos: A significant element of the test relies on basic number skills, particularly with fractions, decimals, percentages, rounding, large multiplication and long division. If you feel like your skills with these need improving use online YouTube videos to help consolidate methods. Often videos can prove more helpful than staring at a textbook. Hegarty Maths has some useful videos on the main principles. Don't learn the information and then do the question: The best way to learn new maths is to attempt questions you cannot do and use this to guide you on the elements you need to look up. Finding out what you need to know before trying questions will waste precious time.

It's packed with tips, tricks and insider-secrets to help you succeed. Once you have it under your belt you can proceed towards qualified teacher status. This section of the numeracy skills test has 12 questions and is audio-based. You will be provided with headphones to hear the questions. You can use a pen and paper for your workings. You will hear each question twice and you need to make your calculations and enter your answer into the computer within 18 seconds. You are being measured against other candidates, remember.

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  1. Ensuring that your literacy and numeracy skills are up to scratch, the professional skills tests are an essential part of your initial teacher training ITT in England.

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