Best time to listen to audiobooks

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best time to listen to audiobooks

Audiobooks - Book Talk: What do you do while listening to audiobooks? Showing 1-50 of 711

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Published 13.12.2018


Audiobooks can help listeners enjoy stories in a new way. Plus, they're a great option for multitaskers or people who love stories but aren't too fond of reading them in books.

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I can't sit still and listen to an audiobook. I need to be doing something. But not something too intense. I do best listening while driving to and from work and when folding laundry. I can doing something that keeps my body busy but not something that really needs my whole mind which is scary that that describes driving, but it is what it is. That's interesting! I think if you've been driving long enough, it does become automatic.

Do you feel like you never have enough time to read? This is why audiobooks are awesome. However, the world of audiobooks is vast, and your time is limited. How are you supposed to decide what to read? Audible is our favorite place to get high-quality, professionally produced audiobooks. Reality is cool and all, but sometimes you need to escape into a world with dragons, wizards, giants, and direwolves.

Am I really about to teach you how to listen? Too many of us just throw on our headphones and let books saturate our brains. Reading a physical book keeps us engaged in ways that audiobooks simply cannot. It is incredibly easy to lose focus during an audiobook. Studies performed by Frontiers in Psychology in confirmed this although anyone who has ever listened to an audiobook probably already knew it. Your mind is more likely to wander when listening to audiobooks, but by applying the methods and suggestions I am about to share, you can become an outlier and separate yourself from your competitors who are not able to fill idle time with learning. This is particularly important to those readers who are still working a day job.

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A re audiobooks the new… books? Can people no longer be bothered to read for themselves? Is this, rather than the ebook, the harbinger of the slow death of print, about which we have been warned for so long? And if so, what does that mean for literary culture? Oral literary culture long precedes the book and there are many reasons for its rising popularity. Some people I spoke to use audiobooks to send them to sleep after a stressful professional day; others listen while walking, or looking after a baby, or as an alternative to TV.

As a child , I squeezed extra hours of reading from each day by switching on the tape deck after lights out. Decades later, driven to desperation by insomnia, I unearthed old cassette tapes from my childhood bedroom and discovered that their comforts still worked on me. So I did the only logical thing and subscribed to Audible, the Amazon subsidiary with a near-monopoly on digital audiobooks, and before long I was catching up on contemporary fiction while I swiffered my floors every Sunday, speeding through classics while my dog decided where to pee. The precise elocution of the practiced actor-narrators is often the only human speech I hear all day. I was lonelier than I realized before it entered my routine.

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