Let me spell it out

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let me spell it out

Spell It Out for Me: A Not-So-Cozy Witch Mystery by Sarina Dorie

You think you know the world of magical boarding schools? Not from a teachers perspective at a school for at-risk youth.

Clarissa Lawrence knew there would be a price to pay for accepting the assistance of a Fae’s magic, though she never thought it would cost her heart. . . .

Clarissa has finally let go of the ghosts of boyfriends past and learned to love again. Forget all those dating disasters with boyfriends who turned evil or who weren’t what they appeared. She’s past that. Shes a new witch. Now she has fallen in love with Prince Elric of the Silver Court, who is kind and selfless, fulfills her Tolkien fantasies of Legolas, and would do anything to protect her from the Raven Queen.

Plus, unlike Felix Thatch, her magical mentor, Elric is emotionally available.

If she trusts Elric, she might be able to regain her magic and become a powerful witch once again. If he is like other Fae and learns what her magic is, he might force her to bear his heirs—or worse yet—enslave her and force her to build an army of powerful warriors to suppress her own people.

When Clarissa is forced to choose between regaining her magic and the man she loves, she doesn’t know which is more difficult to give up.
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Gavin DeGraw - Spell It Out (Sweeter)

Spell It Out Lyrics: Yo! It's The Lonely Island / We got my man Jorm / Kiv's in the house / And me? You know who the "f" I am / And if not, let me.
Sarina Dorie

The Lonely Island - Spell It Out Lyrics

Indeed, there may be one or two readers unlikely, I know, given that this is The Times who will find no fault. As it happens, it contains the word that is most commonly spelt incorrectly in primary schools and is the most difficult to rectify. More on that later. You will certainly have got the gist of my meaning. Get The International Pack for free for your first 30 days for unlimited Smartphone and Tablet access.

Today's workers often don't care if their presentations are free from spelling mistakes or improper grammar. But they shouldn't assume that.
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Do I have to spell it out? Do I have to explain it in very simple terms? An annoyed response to someone who does not understand what the speaker is alluding to, especially when the speaker believes it to be obvious. A: "What are you so worried about? What do I have to do to make this clear enough for you to understand?

Six items or less. If there's one thing guaranteed to drive a law-abiding, mild-mannered citizen to swivel-eyed fury, it's poor grammar. Pillars of the community who would no more pinch a toffee from the pick 'n' mix than dance naked down Oxford Street will happily resort to casual vandalism, cheerfully defacing public signs to make their point. Tales abound of children coming home from school with letters about "you're child" or being given misspelt words to learn. Shocking as it is, it's a widespread problem; many teachers were given scant tuition in the intricacies of the English language so it's small wonder they sometimes get it wrong.

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