Ways to stop cutting yourself

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ways to stop cutting yourself

Cutting Quotes (92 quotes)

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Published 13.12.2018

5 Not Obvious Signs of Self Harm

If you've been cutting and you want to stop, here are some approaches that might help you. For people who cut, doing something different may be a big change. Making this change can take time because you are learning new ways of dealing with the things that led you to cut.

Resisting The Urge To Cut Yourself

Show less Cutting is a common form of self-harm. Self-harm is when someone deliberately harms themself as a way of dealing with difficult feelings, overwhelming situations, or experiences. Cutting might make you feel better in the moment and may help you feel in control for the moment; however, in the long term cutting often makes you feel worse. It can also put you in a dangerous situation. If you want to begin the significant process of recovery, there are ways you can get help to stop cutting yourself. If you or someone you care about is contemplating cutting, see the Additional Resources section at the end of the article to reach someone to talk to.

Even as you are beginning to recover, you still will feel the cravings to cut again. You are going to need to be prepared to know how to deal with those powerful urges. Here are some practical ideas to help you or someone you know be set free. Each time you feed the addiction, the more likely you will feel the urge to cut the next time you feel the same emotional pressure. The more you stand against the urge, without giving in, the more your urges will decrease. One of the best ways to let the urge to cut pass is by distracting yourself with someone or something else.


Step 2: Stress



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  1. How to stop cutting yourself is a very common question from teen and adult alike, it is clear that the number of people who are self harming is on the increase.

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