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have a good flight home

Long Flight Home by Lainie Anderson

The First World War is over and air mechanic Wally Shiers has promised to return home to his fiancée, Helena Alford. But Wally never reckoned on charismatic fighter pilot Ross Smith, and an invitation to compete in the worlds most audacious air race.

A £10,000 prize has been offered for the first airmen to fly from England to Australia. Smith is banking on an open-cockpit Vickers Vimy, a biplane with a fuselage that looks ominously like a coffin.

And who can resist a hero? Wally writes to Helena to say he wont be home for another year - and the love of his life is left holding her hand-stitched wedding dress ...

Using war diaries, letters and Churchill Fellowship research from along the race route, Long Flight Home recreates one of the most important - and largely forgotten - chapters in world aviation history.

Lainie Andersons ambitious and moving novel is told through her narrator, Wally Shiers. The tale spans the decades and crosses the globe, and at his journeys end were left peering down from an open cockpit on two beacons of truth. There is no heroism without honour. There is no legacy without love.

Praise for Long Flight Home

This is a wonderful tale, superbly told. And it all happened!’ – Peter FitzSimons
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1) I hope you had a great flight home. 2) I hope you had a great return flight. I think it wouldn't be uncommon to say, "I hope you had a pleasant flight home," in a professional setting.
Lainie Anderson

Had a great flight home

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. A friend is going abroad. Does the phrase I wish you a nice flight suit for wishing her a pleasant flight? Doesn't it sound too formal, as if it is said by airline personnel to the passengers?

Safe journey wishes, have a safe flight back home wishes and messages, have a safe flight wishes and safe journey messages should not be far from our phones when we have people who are traveling home. Let us have our family and loved ones in our thoughts and prayers as they journey from long distances to meet us. When your loved ones intend to travel, and decides to make use of the airplane. You can send your safe journey messages to them and pray for them as they journey down to meet you. Traveling can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when you have someone who is traveling and spending long hours in the aircraft. A lot of thoughts will filter into their minds. What to do to get busy, wondering whether they are going to be safe and all sorts of thoughts that will generate concerns and uneasiness.

I would just say something like “Have a great flight!” or something along What do I say when someone says “landed safely, and going home”?.
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If someone important to you is going out of the country or just out of town and he or she is going to ride an airplane, then you must wish him or her to have a safe flight and be belligerent. You need to take it upon yourself the responsibility of wishing your loved one or your family member to have a safe flight and pray for the same thing as well that they will have a safe flight so that they can get back to you. Here are some have a safe flight quotes that you can try saying to them. All I want is to know that you have arrived safely at the place that you need to get to, my dear. I wish so bad that I was with you on this trip but since I am not, I will just pray for you here. My love, you take care of yourself all the time, I will always be just here for you, call me soon. Great for sharing on Facebook.

You'll Love Our App. Download It Now! Knowing you are missed and wished a safe flight means a lot to everybody. Travelling can be really stressful, and for some, even nerve-racking. But letting them know they are in your thoughts as they fly would go a long way in easing the stress of travel and making the distance seem like nothing. Show some love to your loved ones this Don't neglect to wish them a safe flight back home.

For some like Eric , wishing someone a safe flight is a mandatory, superstition-like routine that needs to be done. Here at Penguin and Pia, we understand what it means to wish someone a safe journey. Our journey together began long distance after we met on Instagram , and until we could live together on either side of the ocean, short visits were the norm for us. While it was always difficult, having the right message always made it a little bit better! So whether you want to send a happy trip message to a friend or happy journey wishes to a boss, here are some safe journey quotes that you can use for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband — anyone, really! If you need to simple but nice message, these might be for you to use. These might be for a friend, family extended family member, or a boss.

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