Why are potatoes called spuds

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why are potatoes called spuds

The Super Spud Trilogy by Michael Diack

Genetic engineering has accomplished many things, one of which has been to create the Super Spud! The humble potato elevated to new heights, creating the most flavoursome crisps ever known to humankind! But thats not all - A magical transformation occurs to all Super Spud crisps not eaten before their use-by date. They take on a life of their own. And so long as they remain undetected by humans, they enjoy life in their own Super Spud cities, take part in major Super Spud sporting events and even start the odd Super Spud war or two. Join Colin, Cougar, Hannibal Vector, Generals Rock, Jock and Strap and all the others in their rollicking adventures. Youll never look at a packet of crisps in the same way again! Fun, quirky and totally original.
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Watch this spud-tacular Online Field Trip to learn where potatoes come from

How Potatoes Came to Be Called Spuds

From this noun, the verb to spud means to dig up something by means of a spud. Over the course of time, the name for the digging implement used to dig up potatoes was applied to the latter. He is for Protection! So would I too if I saw the country prosperous under it. Like many rude, and almost all wandering communities, the costermongers, like the cabmen and pickpockets, are hardly ever known by their real names; even the honest men among them are distinguished by some strange appellation.

As if often the case with such boring word origins, a fanciful explanation for the derivation of spuds is often given. This explanation is owed to the potato once being a much-maligned root in Britain and Europe. In fact, when the potato was first introduced to Europe via the Spanish, in the 16th century, it was only grown as a curiosity in botanical gardens. As for food, it was considered only fit for pigs and, perhaps, poor country folks. Perhaps not too far off the mark, it was also said to cause obesity, but, in addition, the potato was even blamed for war! Yet another curious suggestion for the origin of spud for potato has to do with another name for a potato that is common in Ireland: Murphy.

Back in the fifteenth century a spud was a short-handled spade that had a general use but was best known for digging up potatoes. People who sold potatoes were called spuddies. Labels: Food and Drink. Post a Comment. Subscribe in a reader.

A false origin of how potatoes first began being called “spuds” you might often read is that it came from the 19th century group “The Society for.
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AskDefine Define spud Printer Friendly. Noun A tool, similar to a spade , used for digging out weeds etc. Derived terms spud gun spudger. French: patate Italian: patata. For other uses, see Spud disambiguation The term spud has been falsely traced to a 19th century activist group dedicated to keeping the potato out of Britain , calling itself The Society for the Prevention of an Unwholesome Diet.

To subscribe to his "Daily Knowledge" newsletter, click here. One commonly cited explanation for why we call potatoes spuds goes like this: A 19th century activist group called The Society for the Prevention of an Unwholesome Diet, or SPUD, was formed to keep potatoes out of Britain. This group didn't want anyone eating the tubers. But it's clear that Pei was wrong about where the nickname originated, for one very good reason: Previous to the midth century, abbreviations were prevalent in text, but pronouncing them as words was not something people typically did—that's a very modern phenomenon. The word is 'colinderies' or 'colinda,' an acronym for the Colonial and Indian Exposition held in London in that year. Among other definitions, a spud is a sharp, narrow spade used to dig up large-rooted plants.


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  1. The potato also referred to as tater , [a] tattie , and spud is a root vegetable that is part of the plant Solanum tuberosum.

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