Longest war in us history

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longest war in us history

The Longest War: A History of the War on Terror and the Battles with Al Qaeda Since 9/11 by Peter L. Bergen

TEN YEARS HAVE PASSED since the shocking attacks on the World Trade Center, and after seven years of conflict, the last U.S. combat troops left Iraq--only to move into Afghanistan, where the ten-year-old fight continues: the war on terror rages with no clear end in sight. In The Longest War Peter Bergen offers a comprehensive history of this war and its evolution, from the strategies devised in the wake of the 9/11 attacks to the fighting in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and beyond. Unlike any other book on this subject, here Bergen tells the story of this shifting wars failures and successes from the perspectives of both the United States and al-Qaeda and its allies. He goes into the homes of al-Qaeda members, rooting into the source of their devotion to terrorist causes, and spends time in the offices of the major players shaping the U.S. strategic efforts in the region. At a time when many are frustrated or fatigued with what has become an enduring multigenerational conflict, this book will provide an illuminating narrative that not only traces the arc of the fight but projects its likely future. Weaving together internal documents from al-Qaeda and the U.S. offices of counterterrorism, first-person interviews with top-level jihadists and senior Washington officials, along with his own experiences on the ground in the Middle East, Bergen balances the accounts of each side, revealing how al-Qaeda has evolved since 9/11 and the specific ways the U.S. government has responded in the ongoing fight.

Bergen also uncovers the strategic errors committed on both sides--the way that al-Qaedas bold attack on the United States on 9/11 actually undermined its objective and caused the collapse of the Taliban and the destruction of the organizations safe haven in Afghanistan, and how al-Qaeda is actually losing the war of ideas in the Muslim world. The book also shows how the United States undermined its moral position in this war with its actions at Guantanamo and coercive interrogations--including the extraordinary rendition of Abu Omar, who was kidnapped by the CIA in Milan in 2003 and was tortured for four years in Egyptian prisons; his case represents the first and only time that CIA officials have been charged and convicted of the crime of kidnapping.

In examining other strategic blunders the United States has committed, Bergen offers a scathing critique of the Clinton and Bush administrations inability to accurately assess and counter the al-Qaeda threat, Bushs deeply misguided reasons for invading Iraq--including the story of how the invasion was launched based, in part, on the views of an obscure academic who put forth theories about Iraqs involvement with al-Qaeda--and the Obama administrations efforts in Afghanistan.

At a critical moment in world history The Longest War provides the definitive account of the ongoing battle against terror.
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Is Afghanistan the longest war in US history?

Jan 2, Afghanistan is the longest war in American history, outlasting the Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, and Korean War.
Peter L. Bergen

What were the 13 most expensive wars in U.S. history?

When President Donald Trump announced that he was withdrawing troops from Syria, shock and hysteria filled Washington. The screaming grew louder when it was reported that the president also intended to remove half of U. Today the Taliban is advancing while the Kabul government is in disarray. Never mind that Americans still die in Afghanistan. No official wants to be the one to declare that thousands of lives and billions of dollars to have been wasted. Then he allowed himself to be talked into temporarily increasing U.

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Maybe for reporters with no visible knowledge of history. Same argument that the Great War ran from —

Even the shortest of wars can seem agonizingly long for those parties involved. Unfortunately for those engaged in the conflicts listed below, they had to endure such turmoil for decades or even centuries. In some, soldiers fought their whole lives in a war that they would never see decided, even when it had started prior to their very births! The Karen Conflict is the longest civil war in the world, having had started in and is still ongoing. The Karen Conflict involves the Karen people, one of the largest ethnic groups in Southeast Asia, who have been fighting since ages long past for a separate Karen nation of their own in Myanmar Burma. The former is a political organization of the Karen people, equipped with an armed wing the Karen National Liberation Army , and the Tatmadaw to the official military organization of Myanmar.

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  1. Lengths of U.S. combat forces' participation in wars[edit]. War in the context of this list broadly . Declaration of war by the United States · Military history of the United States · Overseas interventions of the Declaration of war by the United States; ^ War Powers Resolution; ^ Herring, George C.: America's Longest War, p .

  2. The Afghan war was enormously popular when it began on a fall Sunday eight and a half years ago.

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