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zi wei dou shu joey yap

Ten Thousand Year Calendar by Joey Yap

A useful reference for date selection of various activity. Evergreen as its handy as long as we need to consult suitability of date choosen. Its not all about date selection but also cover things related to timeliness like different type of sha for each day etc. I didnt understand everything at one go but by each reading my comprehension become better. I dont think this book meant to be standalone or self sufficient as readers need to know the compatibility of their own Ba Zi, year heavenly and earthly ( timeliness) and few other factor as well..
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Published 14.12.2018

Master Kevin Chan's BaZi Forecast for SEPTEMBER 2019

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Joey Yap

The Ten Thousand Year Calendar (Pocket Edition)

Joey, you are excellent. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have benefited from your lesson to be more aware of the environment, especially the landforms of mountains and water around us. Keep up with your good work! The Mastery Journal newsletter is a free, monthly E-zine that delivers bite-sized training information for students of Chinese Metaphysical Studies.

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To get a full grasp and clearer understanding of Feng Shui, one has to first understand the mother system and backbone of Chinese Metaphysics itself. The principles used in the Five Arts are universal and interchangeable. Yin and Yang, the Five Elements and the concept of balance form the basis of the core principles. Each discipline may have various systems. And for each system, there may be more than one school of thought or branch of study which are very well developed, complex and holistic. The study of divination, sometimes also known as predictions based on numerical analysis, formulas of star alignments, complex calculations and dates are foundation of this art.

Many people equate Feng Shui consultants with miracle-making abilities. Clients sometimes think that Feng Shui consultants can wave a magic wand, apply a formula and make all their problems disappear or turn them into millionaires when they follow certain water formulas. Feng Shui does not work like that. It is not magic. Feng Shui consultants are not graduates of Hogwarts!

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  1. are divided into five main disciplines aptly named the Five Arts (Wu Shu 五 术). Four Pillars of Destiny) and Purple Star Astrology (Zi Wei Dou Shu 紫微斗数).

  2. Through the use of BaZi (also known as Eight Characters or Four Pillars of Destiny) or Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology), Destiny Analysis.

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