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Toolmaker by Jill Paton Walsh

When Ra finds within him a skill for crafting stone into forms beyond the skills of the rest of his tribe, he is torn between continuing his role as hunter/gatherer or to become something altogether unbeknown to him - a craftsman. This is an excellent piece of writing from Paton Walsh (again) which explores the life of a Stone Age young adult on the brink of a huge evolutionary change. Part of the Long Ago Children Books series, these stories for younger readers are challenging in their coverage and in their language and I love them for this. There is no simplicity here - this short story is one in which the authors knowledge of the subject is great as is her own crafting of the written word.
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CNN's senior international correspondent Nick Paton Walsh talks to INSI

He was born on November 26, , in Guildford, England. Walsh studied at Epsom College, a boarding independent school in the town of Epsom, also in Surrey county.
Jill Paton Walsh

Jill Paton Walsh

Paton Walsh was born in Guildford , Surrey. He covered the death of Osama bin Laden as their first reporter in country to the story, entering the fugitive's former compound and breaking the news that cellphone signals had led the Central Intelligence Agency CIA to the al-Qaeda leader. Paton Walsh covered American President Barack Obama 's speech about the withdrawal of America's troops from Afghanistan, detailing a Taliban resurgence in Nuristan Province , a booming opium culture in Badakhshan Province , together with insurgent violence and a resurgent al-Qaeda in Kunar. He also reported from Benghazi on Libya's declaration of liberty after Gaddafi was deposed. He reported from inside Aleppo on the fate of a 4-year-old girl hit by a sniper, the aftermath of an airstrike on a family home, [1] Aleppo airstrikes, [2] and the protracted battle for yards of a street in the Old City. Paton Walsh reported from Dagestan on the family of the alleged Boston Bombers, and from Turkey during weeks of unrest over the planned demolition of Gezi Park. He interviewed Russian murder suspect Andrey Lugovoy , on the day the Russian businessman was charged by British police with the murder of Alexander Litvinenko ; worked in Chechnya and Ingushetia ; covered child soldiers in the Central African Republic ; and climate change in Tajikistan.

Nick Paton Walsh Biography

He focuses on stories from the Middle East, the former Soviet Union, Afghanistan and the surrounding region. Full Bio. Additionally, his script-writing in Syria and Afghanistan won an Emmy in for Outstanding Writing. He has covered the Syrian war from inside the country, and at its borders, also cataloging the rise of al-Qaeda backed militants in the north. Formerly based for the network in Beirut, he has also followed the rise and fall of ISIS, from the first moments they moved into Syria in , to their spread in Libya and Afghanistan.

Being on the ground—and seeing those kids, their families, and the fighters defending their city—is why Paton Walsh worked for months to develop a plan to cross the border into Syria. Those plans began to come together over the last few weeks, and Kurdish fighters ultimately played a key role. They insist on escorting you, and keeping you away from the more volatile areas. Two days in devastated Kobani. Here Peshmerga fire mortars at Isis in the East. Reports on CNN in days ahead. Paton Walsh has been covering Syria for weeks from Turkey, where a hilltop camera position has given journalists an excellent view of Kobani.

Born Gillian Bliss English novelist, short-story writer, and author of picture books and juvenile novels. The following entry presents an overview of Paton Walsh's career through For further information on her life and career, see CLR, Volumes 2 and Paton Walsh is best known as an author of award-winning historical fiction for older primary graders and young adults. In works set in various periods of English history, including the Middle Ages , the Victorian Era, and, most frequently, the period surrounding World War II , Paton Walsh examines such themes as the nature of heroism, the meaning of community, and the effects of war. In addition, she has also written contemporary realistic fiction, science fiction , and picture books for children, as well as short stories, novels, and mysteries for adults.

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  1. Jill Paton Walsh CBE FRSL (born 29 April ) is an English novelist and children's writer. She may be known best for the Peter Wimsey–Harriet Vane.

  2. Nick Paton Walsh (born ) is a British journalist who is a Senior International correspondent .. Daljit Dhaliwal · Lou Dobbs · Jill Dougherty · Steven Engel · Adrian Finighan · Kate Giles · Jerrold Kessel · Riz Khan · Jeff Koinange · Jonathan.

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