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songs like i need a hero

Heros Song (The Songs of Eirren, #1) by Edith Pattou

This is not Edith Pattous best work ever but you still need to read it in order to fully apreciate the next book, Fire Arrow, which is just flat out spectacular.
This is the story of a boy named Collun who desperately needs to get over his cowardice in order to save his kidnapped sister from who knows what? As he journys to find her he troups up with a wizard out to help, a fenale archer with a firey disposition and a thing for revenge, an old witty friend, and a mysterious elf like fellow who doesnt feel any obligation to help people other than his own kind. As the odd team journeys through woods, labyrinths, and waist lands a plot that could destroy all of the land surfaces as well as the truths to Colluns unhappy past.
The story was almost a little too simple for me. There werent any heart renching moments but there were scenes that I enjoy reading over and over, particularrly towards the end. I thought the end was pretty satisfing and Pattou left me wanting a whole lot more. After all when theres a mad queen out on the loose, a traitorous relative, a girl looking for the revenge of her father, and a bit of compatability between two people, you want to know how it all comes together.
Pattou did remind me of J.R.R. Tolkien in this book a little too much. The wizard was a whole like lot Gandalf. And the myterious elvish person was kind of like the elves in LOTR in that they kind of left man to destroy themselves.
The cover turned me off a little bit. After all it is kind of odd to see a gaint worm dominating everything. Never head that. Worms just happen to be a good beastly outlet.
The character developement was iffy. The characters did develope, which is more to say than books such as the Inheritance
Cycle, but they werent too extreme. The main internal struggle is for Collun to get over his fears and become like a hero, or at least so he thinks. I believe the books mission is to show what a hero truly is and isnt, hence the title.
I liked the book, and it would be a book that I would probably buy if I could. Unfortunatly, I read Fire Arrow before I read this so I knew how it ended but it still didnt keep me from enjoying the story. I found after I read this I had to read Fire Arrow agian. A lot more made sence that way. Read this book to get to the real treat, the sequel.
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Edith Pattou

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  1. I love energytic songs like [Bonnie Tyler - I Need a Hero] or [fire inc - tonight is what it means to be young]. Any other recommendations and what thess songs.

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