I have my sources meaning

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i have my sources meaning

Quote by Richelle Mead: “I have my sources." Somehow, saying Id heard i...”

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Published 14.12.2018

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English to Kannada Meaning :: source

A person or thing from which something comes into being or is derived or obtained: alternative sources of energy; the source of funding for the project. The point of origin of a stream or river. See Synonyms at origin. One, such as a person or document, that supplies information: A reporter is only as reliable as his or her sources. Physics The point or part of a system where energy or mass is added to the system. To specify the origin of a communication ; document: The report is thoroughly sourced.

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  1. Top definition other people to know who so that person can get more of that drug. -Where did you get this awesome acid? -I got my sources.

  2. Meaning and definitions of source, translation in Kannada language for source with similar and opposite words.

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