Theme of jane eyre by charlotte bronte

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theme of jane eyre by charlotte bronte

Jane Eyre Quotes by Charlotte Brontë

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Jane Eyre - Themes - Charlotte Brontë

Jane Eyre: Theme Analysis

All rights reserved. Click the themes infographic to download. In Jane Eyre, marriage is about a combination of three things: the dynamic trio of compatibility, passion, and ethics. This novels shows us that marriag You won't ever find Jane Eyre chanting "We don't need no education. In Jane Eyre, education provides the only route f

As an orphan at Gateshead, Jane is oppressed and dependent. For Jane to discover herself, she must break out of these restrictive conditions and find love and independence. Jane must have the freedom to think and feel, and she seeks out other independent-minded people as the loving family she craves. Jane, Helen Burns , and Ms. Temple enjoy a deep mutual respect, and form emotional bonds that anticipate the actual family Jane finds in Mary …. Life in 19th-century Britain was governed by social class, and people typically stayed in the class into which they were born. Both as an orphan at Gateshead and as a governess at Thornfield, Jane holds a position that is between classes, and interacts with people of every level, from working-class servants to aristocrats.

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A summary of Themes in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre. Themes. Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work.
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Themes are pervasive ideas presented in a literary work. There are plenty of compelling themes in Jane Eyre, which is a masterpiece of Charlotte Bronte. It presents the dilemma of a family and shows class discrimination and cruelty in human nature. Some of the major themes in Jane Eyre have been discussed below. Jane is in search of love that only a family can give. A family gives a sense of belonging and relationships. However, this search for a family does not dampen her desire for independence.

Jane Eyre is very much the story of a quest to be loved. Jane searches, not just for romantic love, but also for a sense of being valued, of belonging. Yet, over the course of the book, Jane must learn how to gain love without sacrificing and harming herself in the process. On the other hand, her life at Moor House tests her in the opposite manner. There, she enjoys economic independence and engages in worthwhile and useful work, teaching the poor; yet she lacks emotional sustenance.

In the beginning of Jane Eyre, Jane struggles against Bessie, the nurse at Gateshead Hall, and says, I resisted all the way: a new thing for me. This sentence foreshadows what will be an important theme of the rest of the book, that of female independence or rebelliousness. Jane is here resisting her unfair punishment, but throughout the novel she expresses her opinions on the state of women. Tied to this theme is another of class and the resistance of the terms of one's class. Spiritual and supernatural themes can also be traced throughout the novel. Soon after Jane is settled at Lowood Institution she finds the enjoyment of expanding her own mind and talents. She forgets the hardships of living at the school and focuses on the work of her own hands.

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