Édouard louis history of violence

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édouard louis history of violence

Histoire de la violence by Édouard Louis

J’ai rencontré Reda un soir de Noël. Je rentrais chez moi après un repas avec des amis, vers quatre heures du matin. Il m’a abordé dans la rue et j’ai fini par lui proposer de monter dans mon studio. Ensuite, il m’a raconté l’histoire de son enfance et celle de l’arrivée en France de son père, qui avait fui l’Algérie. Nous avons passé le reste de la nuit ensemble, on discutait, on riait. Vers six heures du matin, il a sorti un revolver et il a dit qu’il allait me tuer. Il m’a insulté, étranglé, violé. Le lendemain, les démarches médicales et judiciaires ont commencé.

Plus tard, je me suis confié à ma sœur. Je l’ai entendue raconter à sa manière ces événements.

En revenant sur mon enfance, mais aussi sur la vie de Reda et celle de son père, en réfléchissant à l’émigration, au racisme, à la misère, au désir ou aux effets du traumatisme, je voudrais à mon tour comprendre ce qui s’est passé cette nuit-là. Et par là, esquisser une histoire de la violence.
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๛History of Violence by Édouard Louis review – complex, subtle and shocking

History of Violence

The radical, urgent new novel from the author of The End of Eddy — a personal and powerful story of violence. I met Reda on Christmas Eve , at around four in the morning. He approached me in the street, and finally I invited him up to my apartment. He told me the story of his childhood and how his father had come to France, having fled Algeria. We spent the rest of the night together, talking, laughing. At around 6 o'clock, he pulled out a gun and said he was going to kill me.

In it Mr. Louis recounted how he grew up having to conceal his homosexuality in a small town in northern France.
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Edouard Louis

Operating at a frequency of the hyper inspired, Louis published his second autobiographical novel, History of Violence , two years later. We chatted by telephone about his terrific second novel. Courtney Maum: In History of Violence , the narrative device of our protagonist hearing his story related by his sister, through a door, to her husband, was genius. It was something that took time. I started writing the book with the urgency to tell the factual story: I met a guy on Christmas Eve, our connection was beautiful and strong. We made love frequently; we really liked each other. And then he raped me and tried to kill me.

Louis grew up in a poor family supported by government welfare: his father was a factory worker for a decade until "One day at work, a storage container fell on him and crushed his back, leaving him bedridden, on morphine for the pain" [5] and unable to work. His mother found occasional work bathing the elderly. He is the first in his family to attend university. The same year, he edited the collective work, Pierre Bourdieu. In he published En finir avec Eddy Bellegueule , an autobiographical novel. The book was the subject of extensive media attention and was hailed for its literary merit and compelling story.

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