President hinckleys 9 bs talk

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president hinckleys 9 bs talk

Way to Be!: 9 Rules For Living the Good Life by Gordon B. Hinckley

From one of the worlds foremost spiritual leaders, an inspiring book that provides young adults and their parents with a game plan for leading a better life.
This inspiring, upbeat, life-affirming book shows teenagers and their families how to navigate through the moral minefields of contemporary life and how to truly enjoy the opportunities and blessings that the modern world has to offer.
Drawing upon his faith as well as his personal experience, Gordon B. Hinckley provides his readers with a game plan for discovering and embracing the things in life that are valuable and worthwhile. He shows how our lives are shaped by the decisions we make every day about personal behavior -- and he shows how to make the right decisions with the help of nine guiding principles.
With its vivid anecdotes, invaluable precepts, and timeless wisdom, Way to Be! will be a source of both inspiration and practical advice for young people everywhere who want to lead better, fuller, more satisfying lives.
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By President Gordon B. Hinckley. Text of a talk given to youth and I want to talk about some B's. You get the A's; I will give you the B's. Be grateful. Be smart.
Gordon B. Hinckley

The Prophet’s Counsel:

Be thankful for the wonderful blessings which are yours. Be grateful for the tremendous opportunities that you have. Be thankful to your parents, who care so very much about you and who have worked so very hard to provide for you. Let them know that you are grateful. Say thank you to your mother and your father. Say thank you to your friends. Say thank you to your teachers.

By Ambree. One of my favorite quotes of all time is found in a book titled “Way to Be” by President Gordon B. Hinckley, a beloved prophet and.
write your own ticket with god

Ideas for Home Teachers

I think there never before was a meeting anything like this in this Church. There are so many of you here tonight. How good you look. Some of you have come with doubts. Some have come with high expectations. I want you to know that I have been on my knees asking the Lord to bless me with the power and the capacity and the language to reach into your hearts.

Have a look…. In Gordon B. How great, then, is your responsibility so to live that the Spirit of the Lord may dwell in you and that the Holy Ghost may speak through you. I would that I had the capacity, the gift of the Spirit, to speak with such power that your hearts would burn with a resolution so to live as to grow in favor with both God and man. The wonderful thing is that this is not beyond your capacity.

I also knew that if I prayed and asked my Heavenly Father to help me make improvements in my life then He could make my weaknesses become my strengths see Ether If I had a negative thing to say, I would replace it with something positive. This took a lot of effort at first, and then I noticed that it got easier to be more positive. I felt better — even happier about myself, my friends, and everything in my life. The more I acted, the more I noticed a change in my attitude, and my family and friends could tell that I was happier and wanted to be around me. President Hinckley was right — the prophet always is! Keep on being amazing..

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  1. The Prophet's Counsel: The Six B's. The Six B's. Excerpts from President Gordon B. Hinckley's fireside address given on 12 November “Avoid evil talk.

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