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duke william of normandy facts

The Norman Conquest by Marc Morris

This book was both fascinating and difficult. The Norman Conquest was such a pivotal turning point in history, I wanted to try to understand how it happened. Morris does an excellent job sifting through the sources and trying to make sense of all sides of the drama. Unfortunately, as Morris points out, our sources are slim and biased. You can’t get a very good sense of the major players as living people. We can only speculate on their motives and feelings. We can’t even be sure what happened or when. For these reasons, I’d only recommend the subject matter if you have a deep and abiding geek obsession with history, as I do. But if you want to know about the Norman Conquest of Britain, this is the most accessible book I’ve found.
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Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About William The Conqueror

William I of England, better known as William the Conqueror, to unmarried parents — Robert I, Duke of Normandy, and his mistress, Herleva.
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The first Norman king of England, William the Conqueror changed the course of England's history when he invaded in Here, historian Marc Morris shares 9 lesser-known facts about William the Conqueror and the Norman conquest. Normandy, by contrast, had experienced a church-building boom during the rule of William the Conqueror, with dozens of new abbeys founded and ancient cathedrals rebuilt. After the Conquest, this revolution was extended to England, beginning with the rebuilding of Canterbury Cathedral from England had 15 cathedrals in the 11th-century.

William I [a] c. A descendant of Rollo , he was Duke of Normandy from onward. After a long struggle to establish his power, by his hold on Normandy was secure, and he launched the Norman conquest of England six years later.
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William the Conqueror, the Norman who dared to invade England

Known as 'William the Bastard' to his contemporaries, his illegitimacy shaped his career when he was young. On his father's death in , William was recognised by his family as the heir - an exception to the general rule that illegitimacy barred succession. His great uncle looked after the Duchy until , and his overlord, King Henry I of France, knighted him at the age of From onwards, William successfully dealt with rebellion inside Normandy involving his kinsmen and threats from neighbouring nobles, including attempted invasions by his former ally King Henry I of France in the French forces were defeated at the Battle of Mortemer and William's military successes and reputation helped him to negotiate his marriage to Mathilda, daughter of Count Baldwin V of Flanders.

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  1. William I usually known as William the Conqueror and sometimes William the Bastard, was the first Norman King of England, reigning from until his death in A descendant of Rollo, he was Duke of Normandy from onward.

  2. Before he became the king of England , William I was one of the mightiest nobles in France as the duke of Normandy , but he is best remembered for leading the Norman Conquest of England in , which changed the course of English history and earned him the sobriquet William the Conqueror.

  3. William the Conqueror changed the course of England's history when was the son of Robert I, Duke of Normandy, and his mistress Herleva).

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