Jerry was a racecar driver guitar tab

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jerry was a racecar driver guitar tab

Primus Anthology: A Thru N: For Guitar and Bass by Jeff Jacobson

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Damian Iordanov, Primus, Cover of Jerry Was a Race Car Driver, Feb 12, 2012

I will try to stick to the faq for the rest of the notation, or at least make it understandable. Triplets will be indicated by " " also above the staff, the triplets shoud be played with three fingers, starting with your ring finger that's the easiest way I've found to play them.
Jeff Jacobson

Primus Anthology – A thru N

It was released as the first single from their album Sailing the Seas of Cheese. The song tells the stories of two characters, Jerry, an ill-fated race car driver who collides with a telephone pole while driving intoxicated hence the use of "was", in the title and Captain Pearce, a retired fireman. The band created a music video for the track. Knowitall" from the live album Suck on This and 's debut studio release Frizzle Fry. A music video was also created for the song. The video begins with Bob Cock getting an order of nachos at an arcade , only to drop them after a collision with Larry LaLonde on a skateboard once outside. The rest of the video cuts between scenes of the band playing an out-of-control gig in a small club Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, California , closeup shots of the fallen nachos, and race car footage.

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Primus - "Jerry Was a Racecar Driver" (guitar cover)


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  1. Artist: Primus Album: Sailing The Seas Of Cheese Song: Jerry Was A Race Car Driver Guitar transcribed by CAM. Like in American Life, this.

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