Secrets of saudi royal family

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secrets of saudi royal family

Princess: Secrets to Share by Jean Sasson

In the international bestseller Princess: The True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia Princess Al-Saud and author Jean Sasson began a compelling series which focused not only on the life of the Princess and the Royal family, but on the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia – many of whom were denied the most basic human rights.

After the recent success of the latest in this powerful series, Princess: More Tears to Cry, Jean Sasson and the much-loved Princess collaborate once again to bring readers up to date on the secret work undertaken by the Princess and those who help her to rescue women who are the enslaved victims of brutal physical and psychological abuse. For example, we follow the work of Dr Meena, the young woman who helps abused women to heal and to fight for their rights, the abandoned mother of twin daughters who was rescued by the Princess and who now lives and works in safety and peace with her family; and we hear from other innocent victims – women from Pakistan, Syria and Northern Lebanon – who suffer the terrible consequences of the ongoing war in the region.

Princess: Secrets to Share will undoubtedly attract the Princess’s and Jean Sassons many loyal readers. It will also appeal to new audiences who are eager to learn more about not only how the Saudi Royal family live, but how the courageous and determined fight for equal rights for women continues in the Middle East.
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The Secret Saudi Royal Family Documentary 2017

Inside the lavish, brutal world of Saudi Arabia’s royal family

July 5, pm Updated December 17, pm. The 25th son of the founder of modern Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud, Salman is one of 36 surviving sons of the 45 male children and many daughters. Married to the king at the age of 13, not only was she beautiful but rose to the most prominent wife because she bore him the most sons. The late King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud now has more than a thousand grandsons who intermarry within the dynasty to re-establish their lineage and status within the ruling clan. The power-hungry rivalry between these sons of Saud is a story of deposition, exile and even murder. Almost all powers under the king are now concentrated in the hands of the new crown prince, who is also the defense minister. But the princes of Saud cut their baby teeth in palace revolt, evidenced by the facts of their family history.

Yet there is one Saudi woman whom U. Fourteen current and former senior U. Prince Mohammed, a key ally of the Trump White House, has concocted various explanations of his mother's whereabouts over the years, such as that she's out of the country receiving medical treatment, so King Salman would not know his son has been behind her continued absence, the current and former officials said. The officials said MBS placed his mother under house arrest at least for some time at a palace in Saudi Arabia, without the king's knowledge. Last June, at just age 31, Prince Mohammed abruptly displaced his cousin to become crown prince of the oil-rich kingdom. He implemented some economic and social changes in the following months, but also made some brazen power moves at home and in the region. In November MBS oversaw the arrests of more than Saudi officials and businessmen, including prominent princes and rival members of the royal family, in what the government has described as a crackdown on corruption.

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Saudi Arabia is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. For a lot of people around the globe it can be impossible to imagine living in a society that is so dominated by strict religious rules. Rules like sexes need to remain separate in public, no dancing, and not allowing women out without their male guardian. It appears that the international community is more aware of the royal families lifestyles than their fellow citizens and it is in the best interests of the royal family to keep it that way. The Saudi royal family is notorious around the globe for their lavish and wild lifestyles. They are all descendants of Ibn Saud who conquered and unified the Arab tribes in the region that then became Saudi Arabia.

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