Alles was bleibt ist die erinnerung

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alles was bleibt ist die erinnerung

Get a copy of .....und alles was bleibt ist Erinnerung

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» alles was bleibt sind die Erinnerungen

.....und alles was bleibt ist Erinnerung

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As many public sculptures serve as a symbol reminding viewers of a specific idea or perspective, Wishing Well is a literal, actively thinking memorial, constantly remembering the wishes that are projected into the Well as wish-bubbles with the real-time Wishing Well application. As with the historic wishing well where one embeds their wish into a penny and tosses it into a well, hoping that the ritual serves to automate or activate that wish, this Wishing Well project investigates whether technology can continually activate and reactivate thoughts, 60 frames per second, thinking it in code. But back to the "pragmatic" wish list, which is worth wishing on, here is a selection of the most recent wishes: I wish the world peace, I wish for a million dollars I hope that my uncle is better, I hope that all the nice people worldwide are rich; I hope that tomorrow the sun shines; Many requests are repeated. Often found is the desire for world peace, money and the necessary luck to find it. Cut 2 Recently, I have examined the notion whether directed thought functions as physical gesture, serving as something more active than that of awareness, knowledge or perception. Wishing Well functions as two-part project, investigating: 1.

Alice Merton:No Roots/de Lyrics

Part 2. Nietzsche's School Years and Military Service: Ohne Heimath Without a Home Nietzsche started feeling homesick at Schulpforta, realizing, more than ever, that since his father's death he had been a "homeless" boy, untethered from the world. Und wer mich sieht, der kennt mich, Und wer mich kennt, der nennt mich: Den heimathslosen Hernn Swift horses carry me Without fear and trembling Through the distant land. And whoever sees me, knows me, And whoever knows me, calls me: The homeless man No one would dare To ask me about Where my home is: I have never been bound To space and fleeting time, Am as free as an eagle! Sweet dreams have fled, The past has fled, The present is gloomy, The far-off future bleak. Ich habe nie empfunden Des Lebens Lust u. Having never experienced The joy and happiness of life, I look back sadly Upon long-vanished times.

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